Upgrading your spa

Upgrading your spa

Most spas are designed to last a long time, so why would you want to upgrade to a newer model? There are several reasons and the first is the progress made each year. A new model is presented for the ease of use of the system.

In the same way, each year, the effectiveness of the massage jets is improved. If you're already in a hot tub and enjoy the benefits of massage jets, can you imagine how much better your experience will be with the new / improved options?

There is always a reason to change spa because you have changed your lifestyle or your decorating style. There is no reason to have a beautiful, modern-looking room, but to have an outdated and old-fashioned hot tub hiding in the corner. The addition of a whirlpool to a room must always be intended to improve it, without it harming it. This means that if your style has changed, why not change the spa to continue improvements?

Every year, when the new models are unveiled, an improvement that deserves to be examined is the ease of maintenance of your spa. Where 30 years ago, spas were mostly wood, they were much harder to clean and if you did not refurbish the wood every year, they would eventually rot just because of exposure to the weather and chemical products. keep the spa clean and clear.

The best reason for upgrading your spa is probably that when the new models come out, there is almost always a form of energy saving and efficiency that has been taken into account and improved. If you find that over the years, it is increasingly expensive to maintain the spa at a maintained temperature, it is time to analyze the cost savings to compare with the upgrade costs and determine if the upgrade is the smartest. .

This article should not suggest that every year there is a new and improved spa model that you should buy a new one, it's silly and it's like you're trying to keep up with computer technology to make sure you have the latest and greatest computer on the market. There is really no way to follow, but with a spa, they last for years and if you find that you spend more money on repairs than you should, it may be time to move on to the top speed.

Also be aware that most resellers offer an exchange offer that allows you to remove your old spa and you do not have to worry about disposal. This is a good way for you to feel less guilty about having to trade when you do not have to be responsible for what to do with the old bathtub. You really can not go wrong by upgrading your spa every ten years or so.

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