How a hot tub can add to the family community

How a hot tub can add to the family community

From the time of the ancient Romans, people gathered in public baths for social or commercial activities. Public baths were a place where you could gather with friends in a relaxed atmosphere and in addition to social interactions with peers. you can enjoy the benefits of relaxing in a hot tub filled with warm water. You can not help but enjoy the health benefits when you spend time in a spa, because you can not get your blood flowing more easily, whatever you do, the steam will always help your sinuses to clarify and you will not do it. No matter what, enjoy a certain level of relaxation.

Why would not you want this same type of interaction with the people you love the most? Can you imagine the conversations and exchanges that you could enjoy with the time you spend in a spa with your loved ones? If this type of family time is repeated, this will allow even the most discreet family member to open up and share. I know because that's what happened to me. On Friday nights with the family, the two teenagers aged 14 and 15 took advantage of the day to discuss things they would not normally do because of the degree of relaxation.

One million family games can also be enjoyed in a hot tub. Maybe these games will not have a game board or moving parts, but they can test your intelligence and allow you to stay alert while standing (or in your seat).

With younger kids, a fun game to play together is; "I think of someone special." The rest of the family should ask questions yes or no until someone can name the person they think about by name. This is fun because young children often only know their teachers and their immediate families, which suggests that "this person is special to me". We all know that having people who are dear to you often means that there are people with whom you are special.

Older children can engage in word-matching games as my children play in a restaurant with their father, girlfriend and two children. The idea of ​​this game is to say a word and the next person has to kind of say a word that relates to the word that the person before said. When my children taught me that they did not allow proper names, names and places were not counted, and saying one word meant that you were absent for the next round. But you can also rhyme a word if you can not find a word that could be associated with it. I will say, it saved me from being kicked out of the game several times!

If you are looking for a good excuse to buy a spa, keep in mind that these are very socially oriented tools and can really bring positive communication within your family.

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