How to properly use a Humidor humidifier

How to properly use a Humidor humidifier

A humidor is a box designed to store cigars in a specific humidity range. Cigars should be stored at room temperature (about 70 ° F) with a humidity of 68 to 72%. To achieve this level of humidity, a humidor must include a system or humidification device to add or remove moisture from its interior space.

Tobacco needs to breathe to age well. Adequate moisture is crucial to maintaining the freshness and flavor of cigar tobacco. Storing cigars at appropriate moisture levels recreates the climatic conditions in which cigar tobacco is grown.

The most common humidifier is to use a sponge type material inserted into a ventilated housing that mounts to a portion of the humidifier. usually the lid. This type of humidifier must be "primed" with a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and propylene glycol (a derivative of natural gas). Then, distilled water should be added to the humidifier as needed.

Never let the humidifier dry completely. When the humidity level drops to 67 or 66%, it is time to fill the humidifier.

Depending on the environment and humidity in your area, you may need to fill the humidifier humidifier every 25 to 35 days. At this rate, one gallon of distilled water will last about a year.

When the weather is extremely humid, you may need to completely remove the humidifier from the cellar for a few days.

Most humidifiers contain a hygrometer; a device used to measure the level of humidity inside the box. If your humidor does not have a hygrometer, you can easily add one. They are inexpensive and relatively easy to locate.

When buying a humidifier, look for a box with perfectly adjusted and perfectly adjusted seams. When you close the box, you should hear a silent suction sound. If it slams, it is not waterproof and can not maintain a constant humidity level.

Most cigar humidors are made of wood and the interior is usually made of Spanish cedar. Cedar must be well aged, aromatic and unfinished. If you notice that sap is forming inside the Spanish cedar, do not panic.

Remove your cigars and gently wipe the sap with a damp cloth. If the sap is hardened, sand with an extremely fine sandpaper (150 grit). Be sure to let the humidifier dry completely before turning your cigars. Note that sap usually appears when the humidity is too high. Do your best to maintain adequate humidity.

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