Benefits of using a guitar humidifier

Benefits of using a guitar humidifier

Guitars are usually made in a controlled environment where the relative humidity of the room is maintained at a constant level. usually around 50 percent. In order to maintain the original state of the guitar, you must strive to achieve a similar level of humidity in your personal environment. A small humidifier, available at most hardware stores or home stores, will generally provide the required moisture level.

Excessive humidity or drought can ruin a guitar quite quickly. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the conditions under which you leave your guitar. Never subject your guitar to extreme environmental conditions such as excessive heat or cold; or excessively moist or dry air.

Heat and moisture can loosen the glue joints to the point where they separate or separate. Cold, dry conditions can crack wood or finish.

Using a guitar humidifier is the most effective way to maintain a balanced moisture level in the guitar. Humidifiers slowly release moisture inside the guitar. They are fixed inside the sound hole of the guitar. Moisture levels are controlled using a hygrometer; a device that attaches to the outside of the housing.

The ideal environment for your guitar is between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit and between 45 and 55 percent relative humidity. When you do not play the guitar; keep it in the case. The case protects the guitar from drastic changes in temperature and humidity. The humidifier helps retain moisture; protect the wood and other important elements of the guitar.

Guitar humidifiers are available in a variety of styles. The most common guitar humidifier is the sound hole humidifier. This type not only moistens the guitar from the inside, but also prevents moisture from escaping through the reading hole.

To wet the humidifier, simply hold it under the tap for a few seconds and squeeze it a little to allow the inner sponge to fill. Then shake it, dry it with a towel and wring it out. The bottom line is to make sure the guitar humidifier is wet and not wet.

Hang the humidifier humid inside the sound hole of the guitar. Repeat the process until the evaporation rate slows down. As long as the humidifier's sponge stays wet, it works. If it's hard and dry, it's time to wet it again.

Guitar humidifiers will last several years if properly maintained. After a few years, you may notice white mineral deposits on the outside of the rubber humidifier parts. If this happens, soak the humidifier in white vinegar, brush and rinse it.

Occasionally, the ends of the rubber tube attachment expand; drop the rubber plugs or dry the ends and crack them. When this happens, you can cut the enlarged or cracked ends with ordinary scissors.

It is particularly important to carefully monitor the humidity level of new guitars. New instruments require two to three years to "settle in". If the guitar is well maintained during the settling years, the damage from drought is much less likely.

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