An overview of the different types of domestic humidifiers

An overview of the different types of domestic humidifiers

Domestic humidifiers are used to remove moisture from the air. They can be beneficial for those with asthma, allergies, sinus headaches, dry skin, chapped lips, and itchy eyes.

There are three types of humidifiers available on the table, on the console and throughout the house.

Table humidifiers are the cheapest and are used to add moisture to one room. There are two types of table humidifiers with evaporation and hot mist. Evaporative models use a fan to blow air on a wet wick. Hot mist models use a heating unit to boil water before cooling the steam.

Table humidifiers have small water tanks that need to be filled more often than consoles. Evaporative models tend to be noisier than hot mist humidifiers. Hot mist models tend to be more expensive to operate than evaporative models.

When shopping for a desktop humidifier, look for a device that is easy to transport, fill, clean and easily replace a wick. Also look for easy-to-use controls and units that offer automatic programming. The price of domestic table humidifiers is between $ 20 and $ 100.

Domestic humidifiers use larger tanks and do not require as much filling as domestic humidifiers. Domestic humidifiers are effective in adding moisture to multiple rooms. They can be placed discreetly in a corner or behind a piece of furniture.

Due to the use of evaporation technology, console humidifiers tend to be somewhat noisy. The size of the tank depends on the model. The larger the tank, the more difficult it will be to handle. The cost of domestic console humidifiers is between $ 80 and $ 150.

Whole house humidifiers are also called "duct" humidifiers. Domestic humidifiers throughout the home draw in the air and emit mist through the air intake ducts. They are installed in the ducts, next to the furnace and add moisture to the entire house. Domestic humidifiers can only be used with forced air heating.

Domestic humidifiers use the air heated by your heater and pass it through a ceramic-covered pad in the humidifier, called the evaporator pad. The evaporator pad is soaked with water. When hot air passes over the evaporator pad, it absorbs moisture and circulates it throughout the house.

Domestic humidifiers are the most expensive to buy; however, their operation is relatively inexpensive. Generally, a professional installation is required. Depending on the model and the size of the house; A home humidifier can use 1.5 to 12 gallons of water a day.

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