Fast solutions with Feng Shui

Fast solutions with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art used in the home to create balance and harmony. Practitioners in Feng Shui use many techniques to get rid of negative energy and promote happiness, stability, prosperity, tranquility and peace. With the help of this guide, you can also use Feng Shui to improve your environment.

Here are some quick solutions of Feng Shui to allow you to live a maximum bloom in your current home:

Color. Color can raise or lower you, so pay attention to the colors you choose for your furniture and to decorate your home. Choose the color that best suits your living room, your bedrooms, your dining room and your furniture by determining the energy you want for that room or space.

  • Red Ideal for energy and enthusiasm. Works perfectly in a dining room to keep people awake at the table. Not so good for rooms and studies, as its properties can make it difficult to relax.

  • Orange Stimulates hunger. Smoother and lighter shades are perfect for living rooms, playrooms and even bedrooms.

  • Yellow inspires happiness and creativity. Use in any room to add brightness and vitality.

  • Green A healing and soothing color. A perfect choice for a living room or any room where you want to improve the energy of balance.

  • Blue A healing and soothing color. A perfect choice for a living room or any room where you want to improve the energy of balance.

  • Indigo Yet another color that heals and soothes. Good for a child's room to promote good sleep habits.

  • Purple A highly spiritual color that promotes wealth and transformation. Perhaps a frequency too high for a large room, so consider using purple accents instead of painting an entire room.

Light. Light has a strong influence on how we feel. Be sure to light each room to get the proper calming or energizing effect.

  • Natural light is the best way to light a room.

  • Good quality lighting Second, natural lighting. If possible, do not skimp on the purchase of lamps, track lighting or fixtures for your home.

  • Brilliant lighting Promotes energy and activity (for a games room, for example).

  • Low lighting Promotes calm and relaxation (for a bedroom or an office, for example).

  • Dimmers Can be purchased at a local hardware store. Dimmers allow you to switch between bright and dim lighting in the same room. With a dimmer, rooms can be used to play, study or sleep, your dining room can host a brunch or a romantic dinner, and the living room can promote a lively conversation or a quiet family reading.

To touch. Designers often forget the power of texture and its influence on the energy of your home and its environment. Play with accessories and furniture of different materials to obtain surprising results.

  • Carpet A shag rug emits playful energy, while a well-woven country rug adds a warm touch to a living room. Decide if you prefer to walk barefoot on a soft carpet or on a shiny and cold wood floor. One draws the energy of comfort, the other the professionalism. Choose the materials best suited to the energy you want every room in your house to emit.

  • Pillows Silk pillows add richness and sensuality. Cotton is child-friendly or relaxing, and fun and fluffy cushions can be used for a lighter, playful effect in a living room or playroom.

  • Furniture The refined wood furniture gives off solid, reassuring energy, while soft leather sofas and armchairs add luxurious energy to the living room or office.

Odour. Flavors are a simple and inexpensive solution to help you create a harmonious family environment. Play with different smells in each room, changing them from time to time to see how the smells help you invigorate or relax.

  • Flowers Flowers can be a great addition to any household because of their innate color and positive energy. It's easy to forget how wonderful a piece is when adding fresh flowers.

  • Candles The candles are beautiful and have an immediate calming effect on a room. Use different fragrances for each room or pair several unique scented candles in a collection.

  • Cooking Cooking provides food and comfort. An added bonus is the wonderful smell of cooking, which contributes to a balanced atmosphere in your home.

  • Incense or else, Sage Incense is a fantastic cleaning agent. Use it to clear negative energies, like after a fight. The fragrance permeates every corner of the room and can relax or reinvigorate the inhabitants, depending on the type of incense you use.

You! Do not forget the most important element of your home, your family and you. Even plants and flowers play a vital role in animating an environment. Pets and children are great for adding movement to each room, allowing your home's energy to flow. Play with these solutions and other Feng Shui solutions to maintain balance and harmony in your home.

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