Filterless Air Purifiers What You Need to Know

As the importance of healthy living conditions is growing, air purifiers and air purifiers are becoming an integral part of millions of households. And among the air purifiers, a special type called filterless air purifier is gaining importance and is a testament to the progress made in this area. As its name implies, filterless air purifiers clean or purify air without the aid of a filter and are effective at removing particles that generally cause allergy symptoms. Let's now try to get an insight into the world of filterless air purifiers.

Unfiltered air purifiers are functionally powerful in terms of removing particulate matter such as dust, mold spores, pollen or pollen-like grains and other similar sized particles from the ambient air. It should be noted here that, even though the most common types of non-filter air purifiers include a carbon sheet to absorb unwanted odors, this is not a recommended option for Chemical Particle Hypersensitive (MCS) sufferers. or people with asthma. . This means that physical absorption is a certain strength of these filterless air purifiers, but the same can not be said of chemical absorption.

What differentiates the filterless air purifier from your conventional air purifier? Basically, this is the way the unit works. Inside the filterless unit is a set of two electrically active plates, much like the plates of a capacitor. The first plate of the filterless air purifier serves to charge the particles in the airflow and that of the second plate to absorb particles that have been charged by the first place by electrostatic attraction. As you may have guessed, the actual number of moving parts in this type of control unit is low, resulting in less wear of the filterless air purifier and less operating noise. The only painful or non-existent point of this wonderful system is that the plates should be washed regularly for maximum efficiency.

As you can see, filter-free air purifiers are an obvious choice for a user who is concerned about their functionality and wants to buy a good value product. Discover the effect of this air purifier and open the doors to a much healthier future than ever before. So much for a healthy and happy life !!

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