False wood blinds - Vinyl blinds as an alternative to wood blinds

False wood blinds - Vinyl blinds as an alternative to wood blinds

False wood blinds are the most common form of blinds used as window coverings. This is because they are the perfect alternative to wood blinds and they are cheap. False wood window blinds are made of vinyl or a combination of vinyl and hardwood. They are called faux wood blinds because they look like wooden blinds. However, they are more durable than real wood and are suitable for all rooms in the house, even those with high humidity. Faux wood blinds are also much easier to clean than wood blinds.

The main reason why faux wood blinds have become so popular is that homeowners like the look of blinds to their windows and that faux wood blinds are cheap. Faux wood blinds can cost 30% less than wooden blinds. They also last much longer than real wood blinds, making them truly profitable. Occasional cleaning and dusting will keep the faux wood window blinds in perfect condition. In fact, these blinds are so durable that you can remove them from the window and wash them in the bathtub.

You can get faux wood blinds of different sizes to fit the smaller or larger window. Although you can buy them in the store in sizes almost identical to those of your window, you can also customize them. Custom made faux wood blinds are not expensive either, so you can dress your windows in the perfect way without incurring additional costs. They are available in mini-blinds or vertical blinds. You can also get them in motorized version.

Installing false wood blinds is a simple matter. You simply have to decide where you are going to mount the brackets - inside or outside of your window siding. Most faux wood blinds have dimensions that fit perfectly into the coverings. Therefore, if you want them outside, you may need to buy cheap faux-wood blinds 2.5 cm wide. Once you have mounted the brackets, simply slide into the top rail of the blind and insert the small coating that prevents it from falling. Then you can attach the used wand to open and close the slats and voila.

Whether you install false wood blinds inside or outside the siding, you can use valances and draperies with these blinds. If you buy the faux-wood vertical blinds, this comes with a cover for the head rail, so you do not need a valance. Most homeowners use a small valance over faux wood blinds and real wood blinds, just to fit the decor of the room and add to its ambience.

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