Find hand tools for woodworking

When you talk about woodworking, the first thing that comes to mind is the power tools. However, you will also need a variety of hand tools for your workshop. For the beginner, it can be confusing and difficult to decide what to buy. Building a collection can be expensive and we often neglect small tools. There are ways to build your collection at a lower cost.

Hand tools for shaping wood

o Pliers, you will need a variety of types and sizes. Fortunately, these are usually inexpensive. Pick them up whenever you find them on sale at a good price. The pliers are sturdy and durable. So you can pick them up safely.

o Table chisels, you need about half a dozen in a variety of sizes from ¼ to inch.

o stiff, metal brushes

o Saws, you will need a back saw, a tenon and a dovetail. These are often used in woodworking. If you buy these used, check the teeth for damage. If in good condition, pick them up. They will have to be sharpened.

o Airplanes are used for smoothing. Get a few different plans, at least a plan and a carpenter.

o Scrapers are needed for a variety of projects. Look for a paint scraper and a hand scraper to get started.

o Files Get a good size, sturdy files in a size of ten inches. Look for smooth and bastard type files to start and add others later.

Other hand tools you will need

o Hammer get a good quality hammer. A 16 ounce hammer is a good all-round hammer.

o Mallet for driving chisels

o Allen keys in a variety of sizes

o Phillips screwdrivers and flat heads. Get a good set in several sizes of each


o tape measure

o steel rules

o level

o squares

o marking and scratch punches

o Channel clamp and needle nose

o putty knife

o utility knife

o rapporteur

Find tools at a good price

Setting up your own carpentry shop can be expensive. It is tempting to go out and buy the cheapest hand tools you can find in order to save money. Do not do that. The tools made cheaply will not last long and you will have to buy them again. Get quality tools such as Armstrong tools, Stanley tools or snap-in tools. Quality is important in the long run.

Used tools are a good choice if they are in good condition. The antique hand tools and German hand tools are of high quality and quite easy to find. Hand tools tend to last longer because there are not as many problems that can occur as power tools. The quality and know-how of the old tools are often much better than those of the new, cheaper tools. When buying used tools, inspect them carefully to make sure they are in good condition.

Hand tools are often sold at yard sales. You will need to visit several people to find everything you need for your workshop. Check out a few each weekend as you build your collection. Check your local newspaper on Fridays and Saturdays. Many people advertise their garage sales and often include information on the type of merchandise for sale. This can save you a lot of leg work.

Flea markets are a great resource for finding tools. You will find more at the same place by traveling from sales in garage sale workshop. You can often trade on a flea market to get a lower price. Do not be afraid to negotiate. Many merchants set their prices a little higher in anticipation of haggling with them. If you pay the full price in this case, you may pay a slightly inflated price.

One way to get a better price is to shop around the end of the day. Often people are willing to cut prices simply to get rid of the tools. Another option is to buy several tools from the same person. You may be able to get an additional discount for the purchase of multiple items.

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