Different ways to decorate your patio

Different ways to decorate your patio

In addition to the furniture, you can decorate your terrace with many themes, ranging from Asia to Art Deco. Deciding is half the pleasure. And the best part of decorating your patio is that you do not have to be stuck with one decor. You are always free to decorate and redecorate according to your mood, your tastes and even the season.

Asian-inspired decor

Quel plaisir de pouvoir décorer votre terrasse avec des meubles et des décors d’autres pays. Asian-inspired decor est parfait pour votre terrasse car il fait appel à la nature à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur. Vous pouvez utiliser de nombreux matériaux et idées de design pour créer un décor d'inspiration asiatique sur votre terrasse.

  • Wood, stone, bamboo, concrete and even glass are perfect for creating a floor and wall background for your Asian-inspired decor.

  • Water is a classic element of an Asian-inspired decor. A waterfall, a bird bath or a pond crossing your terrace will perfectly embellish the decor.

  • Potted bamboo plants are Asian accents perfect for your patio decor.

  • Accessories are important for an Asian-inspired decor. Pottery, lanterns, fringed pillows are great accent elements for your patio decor.

Italian-inspired decor

There is nothing more romantic and exquisite than an Italian-inspired decor for your terrace. Decorating your deck this way is a great way to get lost in the moment and mood.

  • Brick, stone and tiles are famous elements of the Italian-inspired decor. By using them as a backdrop for the floors and walls of your patio and incorporating them into fireplaces and cooking zones, you can combine the Italian taste of food and stone in your patio.

  • The brass accessories, the different types and colors of espresso pots and cups hanging as decor, potted plants, wicker furniture, deep burgundy and rich purple mixed with gold perfectly complement the Italian decor. Images of angelic cherubs on the back wall of your patio and you are transported to Italy.

  • Arches, a trellis covered with vines and flowering vines up the posts of your patio with a small waterfall and you almost feel like in Tuscany.

  • Of course, any decor with grapes, bottles of wine and grapes is the best.

Spanish-inspired decor

A Spanish-inspired decor will entertain you and your guests on the patio, and bring you all your vitality and energy during your stay on the patio.

  • Bright, vibrant yellows, blues and aqua as well as mosaic tiles will keep you in the Spanish-inspired festive mood.

  • Arches, moss, small fountains and Aztec prints are perfect for integrating into your Spanish-inspired décor.

  • Copper pots, clean lines, stucco and cement are all perfect for decorating your decor.

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can decorate your patio to create an international atmosphere.

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