Things to consider before buying a house with a solarium

Things to consider before buying a house with a solarium

While a conservatory may seem dreamy and attractive as a new homeowner, be aware of all that is involved in buying a home that already has a veranda in place.

There are many laws, rules and regulations relating to the installation of a veranda depending on the area where you reside. It is important to make sure you know these laws.

Occupancy Certificates

A Certificate of Occupancy is a legal document that indicates that an addition or modification to an existing structure is consistent with codes and other laws of the same type for a given building - in this case, your home.

Without a proper occupancy certificate for an existing veranda, you can consult long papers, or even fees, fines, and visits from an inspector. If, for any reason, the occupancy certificate does not apply to a veranda that already exists, it is possible that the owner has to remove it before the sale of the house.

So, if one of the selling points for you as a buyer was this solarium, be sure to ask before you proceed, deposit a deposit and break your heart.

Building permits, solariums and energy efficiency

Again, find out if the house you intend to buy requires or not a permit or a certificate of occupation requires a bit more than just asking the owner. Ask the real estate agent you are working with to give you the name of the city department for the building code or any other entity responsible for these matters. Ask them to check if the solarium complies with the code, there is a permit and look at the energy efficiency of the lanai.

Energy efficiency is important because there will be different types of permits for different types of spaces. Nowadays, houses must have a certain energy performance and the addition of a veranda can hinder this performance.

Again, by contacting your local building department, you will get the information you need before buying your new home.

So, even though it may seem attractive and attractive, a screened porch may have some hidden issues that you will need to address with the construction department in your area before proceeding and signing on the dotted line.

If you do not use a real estate agent, call the construction department in the area and get the information. Be sure to ask for the name and number of the person you are talking to or, better yet, an email from them offering all the information you need to know before buying a house with an existing veranda.

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