Things to look for when buying a solarium

Shopping for a lanai may seem like a fun game; However, keep a few things in mind to make this purchase a wise and fun purchase.

Keep in mind factors such as the durability, the reputation of the company from which you are buying and the type of warranty offered, are essential components of buying a new solarium.


Make sure the company's engineers and designers, as well as the workers who will be installing your screened porch, have passed all of their certifications and qualify to work on your screened porch, as well as your home.

View testimonials from previous installations of this company. Word of mouth makes all the difference in the quality and durability of a porch structure. Factors such as the amount of snow a roof can hold on a screened porch, the strength of the wind a porch can withstand and the durability of the foundations are factors to consider when shopping.

Ask questions about the durability of doors, windows and energy efficiency.


Learn about the company's reputation with your friends, neighbors, and family members who have used their products. Get their opinion on everything from customer service to accounting and construction.

Look through the Better Business Bureau and check the rating, if any. See how many years the business has been in business and if they have a blog or website.


Examinez attentivement la guarantee qui accompagne l’achat de votre véranda. Assurez-vous que vous êtes au courant des problèmes superflus tels que la détection des termites, la réparation et la maintenance.

Une véranda bien conçue ne vaut que par la guarantee qui l’appuie et par la société qui l’appuie. Prenez le temps et la peine de lire les petits caractères, et poser des questions aussi.

Discounts, coupons and future sales

Do not be afraid to ask for discounts, coupons and discounts on the company's future sales. They may offer a discount that is not available during your purchase and will agree to reimburse a certain percentage for a short time after your installation.

Feel free to ask for a first customer discount or a senior discount after learning the price of your solarium. If you do not ask, you will never receive.

These are just a few things to consider when buying a lanai.

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