What is a metal roof?

What is a metal roof?

It is a little known fact that Michigan is one of the most advanced areas in roofing. Part of the reason can be temperature and extreme weather in Michigan. As for the Michigan roofs, if it works in Michigan, it works. Perhaps that's why Michigan was the first site to install a rubber roof in 1980. This roof is still solid nearly 30 years later and rubber roofs are taking off everywhere in the United States.

One of the best sources of information on Michigan's rooftops is the MRCA or the Michigan Roofing Contractors Association. This group includes many chapters that are the ARCWM, the associated roofing contractors of West Michigan; the Flint PRO, professional organization of the roof; JLWRCA, Jackson, Livingston, Washtenaw Roofing Contractors Association; LRCA, Lansing Roofing Contractors Association; RIPF, Roofing Industry Promotion Fund; SVRCA, Saginaw Valley Roofing Contractors Association; and SMRCA, Southeast Michigan Roofing Contractors Association. The MRCA lists roofing contractors and consultants, has information on roofing and organizes annual meetings to keep members abreast of the latest roofing techniques and technologies.

Michigan is one of the most aggressive sectors in the use of metal roofing materials. This includes not only the older pewter barn roof style, but also the newer styles that mimic the appearance of other roofing materials. Michigan's cold, snowy winters and hot summers test not only the shrink and expandability of metal roofs, but also their ability to remove water and snow. Only a fool would try to walk on a metal roof during the Michigan winter.

Hansons is a local hedge company based in Michigan, Hansons, a family-owned company with a proud history of customer service and family. Hansons not only honors the manufacturer's warranties on all its products, they add their own additional warranties. These include a 10-year warranty up to a fully transferable 30-year warranty.

Michigan State University is a leading research center for green roofing. The green roof consists of growing plants on a roof to replace plants lost during the construction of the structure. Green roofs include deep soil, a variety of plants and even trees on the roof. Research is continuing to determine the environmental benefits of green roofs, the benefits of a green roof for a roof and structure, and any negative impacts that a green roof can have on a structure.

From rubber and metal roofs to rooftop trees, the Michigan roof is a wild subject to consider.

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