An overview of interesting facts about solar energy

There are many interesting facts about solar energy. Learning about it will prove to be beneficial in the long run. You can share information with your loved ones. You can teach them how they can help conserve energy. You can also do your part to help this method progress if you are a field genius. But if you are an ordinary citizen who only wants to enjoy it, then enjoy yourself. But remember, you also have responsibilities to the environment that you must fulfill to be able to play your part in all this stuff.

The facts that matter

1. Solar radiation allows the use of energy from the sun as a source of energy and can also be used for a variety of purposes. Technology on this aspect is characterized in two ways. They can be passive or active. This will depend on the methods used to obtain, convert and allocate sunlight.

What are active solar techniques? They use pumps, photovoltaic panels and fans to turn sunlight into useful resources. These are intended to increase the energy supply. Therefore, they can also be described as supply-driven technologies. Passive solar techniques, on the other hand, use only selected resources with constructive thermal properties, use the type of spaces that can circulate the air naturally and apply the position of buildings and structures in the sun. These will reduce the need for other sources and can also be described as demand-driven technology.

2. Solar energy has influenced many factors that surround people. This can be referred to in planning and building design. This process can be rooted in the early history of architecture. The Greeks and the Chinese used for the first time such a factor in the construction of their architectural pieces and their planning methods.

3. Solar energy is also used by the agricultural sector because it is highly dependent on its benefits to be able to harvest more. They have developed methods to plant the type of crops that will grow according to the amount of sun they will receive during the season. This can also be used to dry crops, pump water, hatch chicks and dry animal manure which can then be used as fertilizer.

4. In certain seasons, such as the Little Ice Age, French and Chinese farmers used fruit walls to collect and store solar energy to help keep plants warm and to speed up the maturation process. fruits. These walls serve as thermal masses. The first walls of the developed fruits were perpendicular to the ground and faced south. Over time, innovations have been made and sloping walls have been used to take advantage of the sun.

5. To convert sunlight into heat, people have developed greenhouses. These allow the production and cultivation of special crops all year long. Such innovation has made it possible to grow crops during inappropriate seasons and in places where you think these plants will not grow.

And these are just some of the interesting facts about solar energy. These give you a good overview of the beauty of nature and how people have developed ways to use it to progress in many aspects of their lives.

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