Arguments against solar energy

Between you and me, we know that solar energy is a good source of renewable energy and that we should start to use it more specifically when the Earth's fossil fuel reserves are slowly depleted and depleted in 30 or 50 years old. We had better look at the different alternative energies and start rapid development monitoring to accelerate our independence from non-renewable fossil fuels. And solar energy is as effective as any other alternative energy source. However, several arguments against solar energy have been raised over the years. But the most convincing argument is probably the high cost of using solar energy.

The problem with solar energy is that you can only operate it during the day. And even when the sun is up, sunlight will be interrupted by occasional clouds, rain, fog and even smog. So, to harness solar energy, we need equipment that can get the most solar energy possible at any given time, and we need a way to store it so that we can use it without interruption.

We have the technology to harness solar energy, convert it into usable electricity, and store it for future use. And this technology itself is the main reason why solar energy has not yet gained ground. The process of manufacturing solar panels as well as the technology to store this energy exploited remain quite expensive.

The advantage of this fact today is that because of the recent increase in fuel and gas costs, solar energy is no longer an alternative. The gap between costs has dropped significantly and hopefully in the near future, the costs of solar power generation will be quite competitive.

In addition, the costs of photovoltaic cells are indeed quite high compared to contemporary oil and gas equipment. But one of the flaws of the cost argument is that people tend to limit their views on solar energy by referring only to photovoltaic cells. There are other ways to harness solar energy and not all of them are as expensive as making PV cells.

The solar thermal plant concept is a means of capturing solar energy and converting it into usable electricity. In solar thermal technology, various solar collectors are used to generate heat that can be applied from heating and ventilation of the simplest homes to producing huge amounts of electricity. Use of mirrors or lenses to reflect sunlight on towers equipped with heating liquids producing steam. The steam then turns turbines which in turn generate the necessary electricity.

The process adds an extra step to photovoltaics, which directly converts solar energy into electricity. Nevertheless, solar thermal power generation systems are cheaper than the production of PV cells. For a larger consumer market, it seems that solar thermal energy is the solution.

Anyway, it's really important to point out that solar energy has more to offer. The cost of production is a valid argument against solar energy, but there are still solutions. Costs can be minimized by using other solar energy exploitation techniques or future developments in science and technology will produce more profitable products than those available today.

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