Solar energy is the future

We consume fossil fuels at a higher rate than we have ever had in the last 50 years. This demand is fueled by the increase in the number of cars on the street, the number of planes taking off and the number of houses needing electricity. Unfortunately, we will have exhausted these resources by the end of the century. That's why we need to find other ways to get energy and solar energy could be the future.

Solar energy simply extracts energy from the sun to produce energy. Just to tell you how powerful the sun is, it can burn undergrowth and give you a sunburn if you are in the sun without any protection. In fact, the Greeks and the Chinese used it to set the fires on fire until the 1880s. The first solar cell was made by Charles Fritts.

Instead of using a heater to warm the house, you can use sunlight to control the temperature. You will just need large windows and blinds to control the amount of sun entering the interior and keep the heat absorbed during the day to stay at night.

Solar energy can also provide hot water as it warms cold water through closed flat panels called collectors.

But solar energy does not just give heat to the house. It can also be used to feed it, reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources such as oil or coal.

This happens when solar cells are installed on the roof, which will capture as much sunlight as possible and convert it into electricity. You will need 10 or 12 to capture at least a kilowatt of power and more if you power more than your house.

The only limitation that challenges the use of solar energy is that it can only generate energy during the day. The solution is to set up an auxiliary system that will store energy and the blow when the sun is not available. This comes in the form of batteries that will provide energy at night or a drop in voltage.

Technological advances have brought solar energy to a new level. NASA uses it to power satellites in orbit, solar panels installed on board aircraft allow it to fly over the oceans while cars can travel speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. It is used to power a lighthouse so that sailors can make their way to sea while planes can land at an airport in the middle of the icy desert.

Solar energy is safe for the environment since it does not emit harmful gases or chemicals into the air. It is a renewable resource that has not yet been fully exploited by many countries, making it very viable for the future.

But is this the only way to reduce our dependence on oil? No, because solar energy is just one of the options. We can also harness the energy of wind, ocean waves, geothermal heat, hydroelectricity and more, instead of relying on coal or even nuclear energy that can harm the environment.

This is something we must push for the next generation.

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