Wind energy vs solar energy, an equal match?

Today at the center of the stage is a battle for the ages. In the right corner, a hurricane's packaging is known to move slowly because the breeze is wind energy. On the left corner, with a burning aura, moves at the speed of light, solar energy. Wind energy compared to solar energy, which will be declared the champion of the alternative energy movement ?! Let's be ready to scold!

Or something like that. I apologize for this introduction but I can not help you. I thought that if I were going to match one alternative energy source to another, I'd make an extravagant introduction. Just imagine the drum roll.

In fact, there is a debate between environmentalists and even scientists on the development of energy resources because of their advantages and disadvantages. Remaining away from personal biases, numerous studies have shown that wind energy is globally more profitable than controlling solar energy. Let's see the reasons for this conclusion.

The exploitation of solar energy can be achieved in different ways. But the simplest method that can be applied in a small house is probably to use photovoltaic cells or photovoltaic or solar cells. What happens is that sunlight hits the surface of a photovoltaic panel (PV) that reacts by creating free electrons that are channeled to generate an electric current.

Wind energy, on the other hand, uses a propeller and a shaft system in which a magnet is wrapped by a coil of wire. When the wind turns the propeller and the magnet inside, the electrons of the wire are forced to move along the wire, producing an electric current.

Both methods are quite simple, but the complexity now lies in the production costs of the necessary equipment, especially mechanisms to maximize energy production. When comparing the production costs of photovoltaic cells and wind turbines, the latter is much cheaper to produce. Although photovoltaic cell manufacturers point out that as demand for PV cells increases, production costs decrease. There is only a matter of time left before PV cells become competitive.

The logistics of setting up the equipment is another problem. A solar panel requires a large enough space and your position on the globe will affect the amount of sunlight you receive and, therefore, the amount of energy you produce. The further you are from the equator, the less you can exploit the sunlight. In addition, PV cells have an average efficiency of 15 to 20%.

The problem with wind energy, on the other hand, is that not all regions will have favorable winds for a wind turbine. And if you locate a place where the winds are strong and the wind turbine can be maximized, you will find that the area is (most often) inhabited by various species of birds. You do not want to kill birds with your turbine, do you?

To go back to the comparison between wind and solar, we have to agree that wind energy is more profitable. However, the two alternative sources of energy will play an important role in our future.

That is why, in my humble opinion, we are developing both technologies simultaneously because each one has advantages and disadvantages and each of them can be used appropriately in specific areas.

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