You need a PV system to generate solar energy

Solar energy has been around for a while. In fact, the time is right to get it if you want to reduce your electricity bill and do your part to protect the environment.

For that, you will have to buy a photovoltaic system. This is designed to reduce or eliminate the amount of electricity you buy from the utility, especially when there may be a price increase in the coming months.

The best part of the photovoltaic system is that it generates clean, clean, reliable and renewable electricity because it emits no harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The PV system must be placed in an area clear of obstacles, otherwise it will not be able to capture the sun's rays. Many experts say that the south-facing roof is preferable, while east and west are sufficient. If the roof is not available, it can be mounted on the ground.

You must know that photovoltaic systems exist in different sizes. So you should choose the one that matches our electricity needs. If you consume about 6,500 kilowatts a year, a 3 to 4 kilowatt photovoltaic system is perfect for your home. You can measure that by looking at your past utility bills and making projections.

Of course, the size of the PV system will determine the amount of space needed. If you do not use a lot of electricity, 50 square feet may suffice. However, a larger system may require a little more than 600 square feet. Remember that a kilowatt of electricity requires 100 square feet.

Solar energy is converted using an inverter because that is what changes the direct current into alternating current. You will also need batteries to store excess energy, so you can still use solar power at night or during a power outage.

The size of the PV system is also directly proportional to the cost. Most cost between $ 9 and $ 10 per watt. When you include the installation, the bill can reach $ 10,000 to $ 20,000.

The cost of the photovoltaic installation should not discourage you from investing in solar energy. People who use it can get tax breaks and increase the value of your home. With that, the only thing to do now is to call a reputed solar power provider.

Another thing you need to know about the PV system is that it must also be connected to your network. For this to work, you must enter into an interconnection agreement with your utility.

This agreement will address the issue of the conditions under which your system is linked to them. This also includes so-called net metering, which allows you to store any surplus electricity generated by your system on the grid in the same way that you will be charged if you consume more electricity than you have accumulated.

You need a photovoltaic system to generate solar energy. You just need to know the size of the system‌ you need for your solar power supplier to install.

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