There is hope if your pool is green

Sometimes taking care of your pool will take you to the background. You may be new to the whole situation and you are not doing things right. You may have done tests as you should, and things are good for you to relax.

You can give it all and one day, look in the pool and see green or even a blackish color forming. Do not be too hard on yourself as this is a scenario that most pool owners will have to face at one time or another. Whatever the reasons, it can be quite horrible to discover that your water in the pool has a greenish color.

Before emptying all the water or being frustrated, you must put the situation in perspective. This can be a tough lesson in understanding why you need to stay on top of cleaning your pool. Yet, this is not the end of the world and with hard work and the right products, you can take back control of your things before you know it.

In many cases, a green pool is the result of problems with the filtering system. So, you want to start here and troubleshoot from this angle. Remove any trapped debris in the filter system. Pay attention to how it sounds and if the water goes through it as it should. If so, you can move on to other aspects of pool cleaning. You will need to let the filter run 24 hours a day for several days to help you. Remember to check it often and complete the backwashing process so that it can continue to work well.

If the pool filter system is not working properly, you should repair it. Otherwise, you will not make any progress and your problem will only get worse. Check the entire filter system and replace the cartridge, if necessary. If you need to replace the entire filtering system, do it immediately. Invest in a high quality pool filter, the right size for your pool. Get a reliable brand to prevent future problems.

Then you can clean the pool while letting the filter do its work. Remove all large pieces of dirt and debris from the top of the pool. In this way, it can not expand and multiply, which will make it much more difficult to remove. You may need to repeat this process several times over the next two days.

It can be tempting to suck up the pond, but avoid doing it if you can not see the bottom. You do not know what dirt is built up there and it could damage your vacuum and pool. Instead, you need to electrocute the water to eliminate as much bacteria and algae as possible. This should be very effective and you will start seeing improvements very soon.

About 24 hours after the shock ends, you can start adding chlorine and other chemicals you need to your pool. Use test kits to know the pH level. This way, you will know what types of chemicals you need to add. Give it about 12 hours and you should see a lighter water that you can now suck up the remaining debris. Be patient, as it could take up to five days before your pool water becomes clear again.

If you do not get results within this time, you may need to call in a specialist to examine your pool. There may be additional problems that are quite complex. Your chemicals may be ineffective and you need to upgrade to better quality. Specialists have many technologies to take samples and provide you with information on other steps you can take to rectify the situation.

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