Winterizing your pool

For many people, having a pool is something they can only enjoy at certain times of the year. It may be too cold for most of the winter to swim comfortably. Taking the time to winterize your pool will help you be ready to leave for you when the hottest time of the year comes again.

Some people completely remove the water from their pool. Yet this can be very expensive given the amount of water wasted. A better alternative is to save water appropriately. This is the way to go if you think it will be hot in winter and you can spend time at the pool.

You want to clean your pool very well as a first step for wintering. Remove all dirt and debris. Take the time to check the filter and the pump as well. Remove debris from the filters and look for signs of leaks, damage or other problems you may need to deal with during the winter months so you can enjoy your pool again.

There are special chemicals that you can add to the water to prepare for the winter. They include chlorine, powder and alkalinizer. Make sure you buy only quality products to make sure they work as they should. You can get them at any reputable pool supply point. You can also buy them online, but take the time to evaluate the benefits they offer based on the opinions of other consumers.

To save money on these supplies, consider purchasing complete pool aging kits. They will contain all the necessary material for this feat. You will also find that it costs less than buying separately each item you need. Be sure to read all instructions while using these products.

For example, some require your pool filter to stay on for a while. If you do not pay attention to these guidelines, your products will not work as efficiently as they should to protect your pool. If you remove some water from the pool for the winter, you should only do it after adding the chemicals to the water.

Also place a solid blanket over the pool water. This will prevent debris from accumulating in the water, including dirt and leaves. You also do not want the water from the rain and snow to enter the pool. It can create layers of ice that will melt and create a mess for you when that happens. The cover must be a good fit. It must also be very secure to fight against high winds. In case of heavy rain or snow, you do not want it to yield because of it.

There are manual covers that you can use and need to be put in place. It's usually a job that two or three people have to do. If you may use the pool at certain times during the winter, you may want to get an electric cover. By simply pressing a button, it can be put in place and retracted. Although they are expensive, you will find that they are well worth the investment.

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