Dyson D15

Unlike the use of the wheels that most vacuum cleaners have, the Dyson DC15 vertical vacuum has a big yellow ball that will allow the vacuum to rotate and roll with ease. With the DC15, you simply turn your wrist and the whole vacuum will change direction. The ability to maneuver so easily is something that is commonly associated with cartridge vacuums.

In addition to its unique and innovative design, the Dyson DC15 also offers a very interesting filtration system. Whatever you think or hear, Dyson vacuums do not use filters like most vacuum cleaners do.

With the Dyson DC15, air and dirt are sucked into the container, where the outer cyclone removes large particles such as food, hair and even fibers. The air will then pass through the fairing and inner cyclone where it will be rotated faster to remove fine dust particles from the air.

From the internal cyclone, air moves through a pre-filter of washable internal foam where a majority of the particles will remain trapped. This feature helps the DC15 keep dirt and debris trapped inside and outside the engine.

The last step of the system after passing through the engine is the passage through the final HEPA filter. The DC15 has a very strict filtering system that will prevent 99.9% of bacteria and mold from reaching home. The vacuum will suck and keep it inside the void where it belongs.

Although not well known, Dyson has been around for many years. They are neither as popular nor as well known as big companies like Hoover, though they offer you the best quality and performance with their vacuums. Unlike Hoover, Dyson strives to improve its own products as well as competition with each of the products on offer.

The Dyson DC15 is really an excellent vacuum cleaner on the market, as it is the first and only vacuum cleaner to offer this balloon quite unique. Although robotic vacuums are becoming increasingly popular, the DC15 is ideal for housewives looking for a traditional vacuum with a touch.

The Dyson DC15 is also known for its suction power and accessories. With the ball, using accessories is a breeze. The only problem you may have is to get a good handle on things.

The fixing rod is stored inside the vacuum handle and is always attached. To use it, you lock the handle in the upright position, then press a button on the front of the handle that will allow you to telescope the wand to use it.

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