A few simple steps and the importance of wintering the lawn

As the season changes and you begin to feel the onset of winter, you need to prepare for various wintering tasks to make sure everything falls back into the right places after this winter season. season. In addition to the interiors of your home, you also need to give importance to your lawn when you prepare everything for the change of season. What do you think will happen on your lawn during the coldest months? It does not stop to exist simply because you will not see it as much with snow covering most of the area. It remains to be where it is, but it's up to you to decide how to keep it healthy and ready for the next time you use it again.

In winter, the lawn does not really die, it becomes dormant only because of extreme cold. Your task is to prevent certain problems from developing so that the soil can be fully used in the spring. Help the soil retain as much nutrients as it can absorb before the onset of winter. Although it has not yet arrived, you can continue to mow and water the grass near the lawn so that it can absorb the nutrients before it rests the following season.

Here are some elements that can help you prepare the region for the coming winter months.

  • 1. All debris and dead leaves must be cleared of the lawn. Because of this, sunlight can still enter the area while it is still there. This will also help to remove soil in poor condition and only the healthiest types will be kept to help you balance its pH. By raking, you help the lawn to expose to better ventilation. This helps to make the grass greener in the spring. Raking also prevents the development of viruses that can be caused by the molds that will form when the area is constantly covered with snow.

  • 2. In the fall, you need to practice applying weed control on the site. With this, weeds will not be a problem next year when the lawn is ready for use. By doing this, you are not only eliminating the obvious weeds, but you are also helping to make sure there will not be weeds growing in the lawn the next year.

  • 3. Take the time to compost because it's better than using fertilizer on the ground. To do this, simply rake all leaves and all dead plants, as well as the soil, so that it can absorb the nutrients from these dried plants.

There are more things you can do to winter the lawn. You can look at it this way - if you store food at home during the season to make sure that you will survive and that all members of the family will stay healthy despite the cold, that's also the way you have to look at the state of the soil. Even as the season changes, you must always take care of the ground to make sure it is healthy and ready for use once the snow is gone and you can plant on the lawn again. .

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