Your diet may need wintering

Your diet may need wintering

This may seem strange, but yes, your diet may also require wintering. Wintering is the process of preparing your cold climate property. Normally, this would include removal of water from drains, gutters, irrigation and water supply systems, swimming pool coverage, and vehicle engine checks to ensure that they would last for as long as possible. winter and after.

Our properties should not only be prepared for the winter season. Our body and our health may also need wintering. Since we spend most of our time indoors, it is not impossible that diseases such as colds spread quickly. We must preserve our health and well-being in the winter.

  • Fresh produce like fruits can be a bit more expensive in the winter. You could start by storing fruit during the fall. Root vegetables are seasonal, such as turnips and potatoes. You cook sumptuous meals around seasonal vegetables.

  • The soups are the best in cold weather. In addition to avoiding the cold, broths are also rich in minerals, which could improve your digestion. Plus, having something hot could help keep you warm.

  • Another great dish in winter is sauerkraut or fermented vegetables. Fermented vegetables could also improve your digestion.

  • Vitamin D is important for the development of your bones and helps your body fight against the flu and depression. The sun is the best source of vitamin D. However, during the winter, most of the time it is indoors, which deprives us of the main source of this vitamin and nutrient. There are different sources of vitamin D such as cod liver oil, oily fish, crustaceans and animal fats grown on pasture. Milk, cereals and orange juice are also another source of vitamin D. You can take vitamin D supplements.

  • The consumption of vitamin C is also important in winter. As the number of fresh fruits is limited, the lack of vitamin C that can strengthen the immune system is also a common problem. You can start taking vitamin C tablets and drinking vitamin C-rich fruit juices, such as orange juice or pineapple juice.

We would notice that we suffer from vitamin deficiencies if we start feeling tired every time. On top of that, our skin, our hair and our nails can see that we are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients. The lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals would make us vulnerable to disease.

Vitamin C deficiency in the body may also cause iron deficiency. The body absorbs the iron through the help of vitamin C. If you do not have enough vitamin C, you may suffer from iron deficiency anemia and feel tired and tired. When taking iron supplements, be sure to keep them out of the reach of children as they may cause poisoning. With this in mind, always keep medicines and medicines safe from children.

You can plan your meals to make sure your children get enough nutrients and vitamins to feed themselves. Adults can also take multivitamins daily to improve their health. Winterizing your diet does not mean you have to stick with the usual winter food. With a little imagination and creativity, you will be able to make the most of seasonal produce and preserve the health of everyone.

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