What is acne and how to cure it?

Acne definition: acne is the curse of the teenage face.

For most people, the problems they have in adolescence with acne will disappear as they age, but this is not always the case.

There are a large number of adults suffering from acne, which can be very painful to live.

Adults can get acne for a number of reasons, ranging from problems such as stress to hormonal problems that can make the medication worse.

What causes acne?

Acne is caused by obstruction of the pores of the skin or hair follicles.

This blockage is caused by skin cells‌ exfoliated but not completely removed from the skin.

The cells in the skin block the pores and form a plug that holds the sebum.

This in turn leads to an accumulation of bacteria and the resulting inflammation of the skin.

There are many other great products on the market that can help reduce the incidence of acne in teenagers and adults.

How to treat acne?

The most common treatment is to use retinoids derived from vitamin A.

Retin-A is the most popular of these applications and is a prescription drug, but there are other "over-the-counter" products, such as retinol, that are also suitable for many people.

These drugs work by eliminating the sticky nature of the cell, so that the rejected cells remain trapped.

By allowing these cells to be exfoliated freely, there is no accumulation of sebum and a reduction in the incidence of accumulation of bacteria.

Which products can treat acne?

There are other products on the market that help unclog clogged pores by penetrating the sebaceous material, and some of these products are used in higher quality cleaners.

However, ordinary acne scars‌ can be treated with specific products, which are usually sold as a package, as several substances are used for different treatment cycle: cleaning skin, solving acne scars‌ problem, and more.

  Banish Acne Scars

Although you should not expect overnight results, you can improve your skin by using these cleansers regularly. After a few weeks, you should notice a decrease in the number of cases of acne. maintain healthy skin without blemishes.

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