How does alcohol affect your skin?

How does alcohol affect your skin?

OK, we do not talk about alcohol on the skin, but the amount you consume.

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health in general, but it also affects the condition of your skin.

It is not unusual to be able to spot a heavy drinker with the color of his nose and this redness that appears on his nose is associated with broken blood vessels.

Although it can take a considerable amount of alcohol to create this condition, every time you drink a little too much alcohol, you add damage to the skin.

With a vitamin B deficiency associated with excessive alcohol consumption, the skin loses some of its state, which can lead to all kinds of problems, ranging from a change of skin tone to a less healthy complexion, the appearance cutaneous spots. discoloration.

The blood vessels of the skin expand and this causes them to rupture and permanent redness in areas such as the nose.

To keep your skin vibrant, you need to stay hydrated and every time you drink, you dehydrate your body, including your skin.

It is not enough that you wait to counteract this dehydration by using moisturizers, as they will not solve the problem that happens under the skin and in the body as a whole.

Occasional alcohol or moderate drinking will not have much impact, but you can expect to age faster if you regularly drink more than a reasonable amount.

A night in the city with a little too much can give a sad sight the next morning, eyes swollen because of water retention. Try to counteract the effects of alcohol, but consume at least an equal amount of water all night to stay hydrated. .

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