Contouring to change face

You may want to consider an outline to change the appearance or accentuate the structure of your face.

Contouring is a process in which you use blushes and tanning powders to better define the contours of your face.

Makeup artists have been using contouring for years, especially in the film industry and in magazine photo reporting, to give the illusion that the faces they work on have a particular definition of their choice.

It is an art form similar to painting where different colors can create shading or enhancement.

Creating a good job at the contour of a face requires a lot of time and skill. It's not something you would like to do every day.

For special occasions though, and if you have an experienced makeup artist to do the work for you, you may be surprised at how they can turn anyone into a special look for those special occasions.

An experienced modeler will use a combination of colors in different shades and the skilful use of the make-up brush to create the illusion.

By applying shading, they can add depth to areas of the face and use lighter colors to highlight the areas they want to stand out.

This talented use of color and brush work can create a facelift without surgery.

Sometimes, if you are interested in areas of your face that are not of interest to you, then it may be worthwhile to spend some money getting someone around your face a day after talking with them about you are looking for.

Once they have finished preparing your face to your satisfaction, you can get some simple basic mixing techniques that you can use when you apply your own makeup for an improved look.

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