Oily skin

There are advantages and disadvantages to having oily skin.

One of the benefits of oily skin is its ability to tan well and be less affected by the effects the sun may have on other skin types.

Another benefit to having oily skin is the fact that you are less likely to have as many facial lines as you get older.

While all of this sounds good, there are disadvantages that can affect people with oily skin throughout their lives.

Oily skin a tendance à avoir des pores plus larges et à avoir des points noirs, car la crasse est plus facilement attrapée par ces pores ouverts.

And this is not the only problem faced by people with oily skin because they are more susceptible to breakouts than other types of skin.

People with oily skin tend to have a darker complexion.

Oily skin est due à une hyperactivité des glandes sébacées qui produisent trop d’huile à partir de pores dilatés.

This can lead people to want to clean their skin too much to try to wash the oil, but that will not solve the problem.

Overwashing will only create more sebum to the glands and a person with oily skin may have a shiny oily appearance in a very short time after cleaning the skin.

People with oily skin should always choose products designed for oily skin rather than those that might be better for their skin, as poor formulations can often aggravate the problems they may encounter.

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