Normal skin

There are certain characteristics of different types of skin and most people belong to one or other of the main categories.

To determine what type of skin you have, you need to consider the features that you possess.

For normal skin, you will have a medium to light complexion, as one would expect.

If you spend time in the sun, you will tend to burn yourself at first. However, as long as you are not exposed to the sun for a long time, you will also develop a beautiful natural tan.

Your skin around the forehead and nose and on your chin will tend to have slightly larger pores and this area will also be more sensitive to skin irritation and acne, although people with normal skin will have a lot fewer problems than those with another skin type.

The skin of your cheeks may tend to get a little dry, but that will not be a problem in most cases, and using a good moisturizer will eliminate this problem, although once again, people having normal skin usually have a good natural intake. water content in their outer skin that will help it stay smooth and supple most of the time.

Lucky people who have normal skin will also feel a slight tightening of the skin on their cheeks when cleaning the skin.

As the skin ages, fine lines appear around the upper lip, forehead and eyes.

Although normal skin is usually the easiest skin to care for, there are external factors that can cause problems such as weather, work environment, sun and all other factors that could affect your skin. other types of skin.

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