Smoking and second-hand smoke

Have you ever noticed, when they have these programs on television, that they are trying to make ordinary street people look younger than they always seem to have been smoking for a long time?

There is a very good reason for this: smoking is one of the main causes of skin deterioration and sun exposure.

Smoking affects not only the condition of your skin, but being surrounded by smokers and having to breathe their second-hand smoke will also affect the condition of your skin.

Cigarette smoke contains a high concentration of a compound that destroys the DNA in  skin cells   and, in so doing, reduces the ability of these  skin cells   to renew themselves.

The problems for the smoker are considerable.

It is quite easy to spot a smoker from the fine lines that formed prematurely around the mouth as a result of sucking cigarettes.

There are usually lines around the eyes to try to look through the fog of smoke.

Nicotine in cigarettes slows down the bloodstream, leading to other skin problems, including higher rates of skin cancer and an inability to heal if damage is done to the skin.

Smokers will generally have thinner drier skin and will be unable to use the antioxidants needed to maintain healthy skin.

The skin will quickly begin to look lifeless and lose its color with the increase in smoking.

Only excessive exposure to the sun will cause more damage faster than smoking and a combination of both will ensure that you look old beyond your years.

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