If you use soap on the skin rather than a skin cleanser, you must be very careful to choose the right one for your skin type.

Opinions on the use of soap on the skin of the face are shared and most beauticians recommend that a cleanser for the skin is more appropriate for the face.

It is true that many types of soap can be too hard for the skin of the face and especially for people with dry complexion.

Soap does have a tendency to dry the skin out and if it is used on someone who already has dry skin it will only intensify the condition.

For oily skin, soap does not pose as many problems and may be an appropriate product to use while being very cost effective.

For people prone to acne and other skin blemishes, provided this does not result from very sensitive skin, an  Antibacterial Soap ‌  can work wonders.

A more suitable product in most cases will be a skin cleanser.

Skin cleansers are available in different formulations and there should be one that is suitable for almost all skin types.

They are softer than soap and better suited to the face.

The complexion bars are another interesting option.

These breads look like soap bars, but they are gentle cleaners in the form of soap bars, making them both practical and excellent for cleansing the skin.

As for liquid cleaners, the bars come in different formulations for different types of skin.

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