Best VIN Checker Site: CarVertical Review

CarVertical Resource Review

The article describes the main sections of information that the CarVertical website gives out when checking a car by VIN number.

How to uncover the dark spots of a car's history when buying

H2 Four-wheeled cat in a sack

Once we went with my then-future wife to buy a car. We examined several dozen cars for sale, but it was more of a formality. I already had the idea to buy a Toyota Yaris. It was literally a new model on the market and I loved everything about it. I convinced my wife-to-be that this is a great car for a family: subcompact, capacious. Even the dashboard there was made according to technology, as it was stated, used in aviation. That is, it is sunk into the torpedo of the car so deeply that the driver does not lose time to accommodate the pupil, that is, the transition from the far plan (road view) to the near one (dashboard) and back occurs without delay. In aviation, where an airplane flies hundreds of meters per second, this is extremely important.

Toyota engineers decided to use the same technology in their brainchild.

All these delights literally bribed and therefore we came to the car market already charged.

And now - oh, happiness - she was waiting for us! Our swallow! Or rather, a ladybug. The metallic silver color was a great help in the summer heat. It was almost new - what is 2 years nowadays? She was in excellent condition, despite the fact that someone had already ridden her.

The seller was telling us something standard, we didn't really listen, because they wanted to get away with it as soon as possible.

We quickly, right in the office, issued a lease, made the initial payment and left the market. The summer wind blew our faces through the open windows. We drove towards our future adventures. We were going to travel all over Europe on it. We already had a Schengen visa.

On the way, we turned to a gas station. And they found ...

In a strange way, the diesel pistol did not fit into the neck of the tank.

Since the two of us accounted for only half of the driver (my wife was still studying for a license, and I just got them, a green driver) - we did not understand anything.

We called the wife's brother, who kept the car service. He came, carried out an express examination and concluded that the fuel filler on our newly acquired diesel car was from her petrol sister. Those. definitely not suitable for a diesel bell.

How this could be, we did not understand. But the wife's brother was already guessing about something. He said: Now we will figure it out and left on our swallow.

He arrived 2 hours later and said: I have bad news for you.

We sat down. My brother began to tell us that he drove into the workshop and lifted her on a lift. And I found a weld on it.

The back of your car is taken from another and welded. Therefore, the golovin there is narrow. Apparently, they took from the gasoline, but did not delve into such nuances.

My wife and I looked at each other. It turns out that this can be on the market. The car is broken, after the accident. And after all, the sellers at least hinted - what is it! They only told me what a wonderful model it was.

Six months later, the information was already directly confirmed. We met the former owner of our car, who himself recognized his former car. He said that he is a driving instructor and on this car he trained those who pass on the license.

Well, then she had an accident. He even showed a photo. On it, our swallow was completely crumpled in the ass.

I got hit by a dump truck. The student confused the gas with a brake. the instructor told us and I did not believe it right away. There was something in the tone of his voice that made it clear: the car had been set up on purpose.

“An amazing coincidence,” my future wife told me when we got into the car. - Only the speedometer showed 100 thousand, like bam - and the dump truck turned up. Wow, how lucky! I agreed that sarcasm is appropriate here, because after 100 thousand kilometers, a new car will no longer be guaranteed according to general rules.

Failed the crash test, as they say.

Yeah, now it is clear that there is a whole mafia. I sighed.

Why can't you check the biography of the car in advance?

Then, 15 years ago, it was impossible. Rather, it is possible, but not for everyone. Now, thanks to the developing information technologies, Internet resources have appeared where you can get a fairly detailed history on your car.

Eh, then my future wife and I would probably refuse to buy. And maybe not, because the problem with our car was relatively bearable. I just had to pour fuel into the canister first, and then pour it from the canister into the tank. But there are much more serious surprises. For example, it may turn out that the car has been stolen. Which can entail, if not responsibility, then at least a hassle.

Without complete information on the car, you buy a pig in a poke.

H2 Details

Today, when buying a used car, many parameters are important and taken into account, each of which to check with several selected cars means a colossal amount of time. Therefore, a tool has long been needed that will allow you to punch a car quickly and in one place.

The best site for checking a car VIN number is today. Convenient navigation, detailed information, readable presentation of material.

All data is sorted into sections, where all the information that was found in all databases is described in detail.

H2 Section Discovered Facts

After the site processes and displays the information, you will see all the basic facts about this car. The first information that usually interests the owner or the future owner is mileage, cases of theft, accidents and whether this car was used in a taxi. This data comes first, so sometimes the buyer may not read further, depending on what he sees here.

Further, if the buyer nevertheless decided to go deeper, there are all known records from the history of this car. In the form of a table, sorted by date from the earliest known entry to the most recent, the interested person will see the main milestones of the vehicle's biography. In it you can see when the vehicle was first registered, what were the changes in the title deed, records of all recorded damages. Sales records. Inspection records. The entire track record, so to speak, at a glance.

H2 Restrictions

Among other things, the report contains a section on restrictions on the use of this vehicle.

It shows various restrictions for a variety of reasons. And besides a taxi, you can see if this car was rented, for example. Was he used as a police car, as a training car, was he arrested for any reason?

H2 Hijacking

And then there is a detailed section on the bases of 27 countries, which includes the European and American continents, as well as the countries of Asia and the Middle East for theft, theft. If a record is found in the database of any of the presented countries, it will appear in the report.

H2 Run

The next section shows a detailed mileage graph, according to which it is quite easy to track whether there was a moment when the counter was rolled.

Meter twisting is a fairly common problem, especially in neighboring countries. The VIN check shows the growth of the actual mileage on the graph, and if there was a twist in the meter, then a characteristic dip is seen in this place on the graph.

The final mileage so far is shown below after the graph.

But it turns out this is not all that can be said by the mileage. The report also cites all sorts of technical problems with the odometer, to the shopper's amazement. For example, the passport error, was there any interference in the structure. Perhaps the odometer has already gone to a new lap, it may have been replaced, etc.

Having finished with the mileage, there is an extensive section on the damage that occurs to this vehicle. The vehicle identification number shows all records of all structural violations, with a schematic indication of the location of the defect on the body, the category of the breakdown and what the insurance says about it, and the estimated repair costs. The countries where these damages were recorded and whether the repairs were carried out are indicated.

H2 Damage

Then there is a long list: with all the other types of damage that can be. For example, not only dents from recorded accidents and injury to a car from fire, water (flooding), but even from, for example, hail and vandalism. Quite an informative section of this report, you can learn a lot about how a car can be considered damaged at all.

H2 Price

Next is the section on the price changing over the course of the vehicle's history. For how much and when this car was sold. These data correlate with the table of damages and repairs presented here.

H2 Specification Section

In this section, in the summary table, all the main technological parameters of the machine are listed in its passport. Engine power, color, body type, number of doors, and so on. Year and place of production.

H2 Photos

Next comes an interesting section Photos, which presents pictures taken after the accident, apparently by insurance companies, in some detail and in detail. The photographs are sorted by date and show both a general view and specific details of the machine. For example, the body or the interior of a car.

H2 Section Checklist

Data that was apparently taken from an electronic stand during a vehicle inspection. For example, you can find such entries: Received a message about malfunctions by the servo drive of the side door locks, or The HMI buttons may fail.

The general impression from the CarVertical review: there is never a lot of information. Indeed, there are nuances that you may not remember, but the site will tell you what else to pay attention to. There is even a separate list, something like a checklist, which details should be consistently checked upon purchase. It can be seen that the creators of the site love cars and have a lot of experience. It is felt in the design of the issued information and makes it the best site for checking VIN numbers.

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