How To Get A Girl To Cook Dinner In A Bikini?

How to get a girl to cook in a bikini or underwear? A few simple tips will help you make your date at home and make your fantasy come true.
How To Get A Girl To Cook Dinner In A Bikini?

Want to get a girl to cook a bikini dinner for you, but don't know how? Here are some tips to help you organize the perfect date at home. By taking into account all the details, you can make the evening unforgettable. She will definitely want to repeat it after that.

How to get a girl to cook in a bikini

Any relationship eventually loses its fire. Passion begins to fade, life together becomes boring, monotonous. If you do not maintain the interest of partners in each other, then such a relationship will not be able to exist for a long time.

There are many ways to bring spice into everyday life. Romantic evenings, shared hobbies, bikini cooking, etc. Agree, your beloved girl preparing food for you in her underwear is very attractive.

How can a man make sure that the girl accepts the rules of the game and herself, even with the help of a little trick, decides to diversify your life? Everything is very simple. Today we will tell you how to turn the usual cooking of dinner into a spicy show.

How to get a girl to cook in a bikini

Looking deeper, an important benefit of cooking is sensory perception. After all, cooking is also one of the activities that activates all organs of perception. As experience shows, during the cooking process, all our receptors are in activity.

Accordingly, all feelings are sharpened and to the limit, and if at the same time the process of cooking in lingerie, then it will be "fire".

Getting your loved one to cook dinner for you in lingerie, an erotic swimsuit, or without anything at all is quite simple. Every refined man knows the tricks, thanks to which the household process turns into a real show.

Of course, the easiest method is to openly tell the girl about your desires and discuss all the nuances together. Have a heart-to-heart talk with her and tell her that you want her to cook for you in your underwear. Remember, you don't have to insist and demand. Be as gentle as possible. If your soul mate refuses this whim, try to prepare her for the show using our advice.

Prepare your apartment

Cooking a bikini dinner is not a common household process. Remember this. In order for the girl to please you with a spicy show, you will have to try a little. Otherwise, the evening show can turn into a general cleaning against the backdrop of dirty pans. And this is not conducive to relaxation and romance.

Put the apartment in order, if necessary, tidy up, wipe the dust. Remember, you are preparing for an unusual date, even if you have been living together for several years.

Collect socks from the floor, put things in place. Make sure the kitchen is free of crumbs, dirty dishes, and food stains. The apartment, especially the kitchen, where the date will take place, should be as comfortable as possible.

Dim the lights, create an intimate atmosphere. Ventilate the room, buy candles with a pleasant aroma or incense sticks, light them. Try on your own to create a romantic atmosphere in the apartment, relaxing and mesmerizing.

Don't be stingy with flowers. You can put them in a vase or give them to the girl before the start of the game. Choose her favorite variety.

Keep your home as comfortable as possible. If necessary, switch the air conditioner to heating mode. Remember, a girl shouldn't be cold. Otherwise, instead of a bikini, sexy lingerie, you will see a warm sweater and fleece sweatpants.

Also, take care of the table setting in advance. Make sure the glasses and dishes are in good condition, clean and free of chips. For the perfect bikini date, don't neglect the little things. The more responsible you approach the preparation, the more return you will get from your soul mate.

Create an atmosphere

The atmosphere of the surrounding space is of the utmost importance to a date. You can create a romantic mood in any apartment, regardless of its area or the quality of the renovation. Since our evening will be held in the kitchen, it means that it is necessary to pay special attention to it. However, this does not mean that there should be a mess in the rest of the apartment.

We have already mentioned about candles and flowers, but what else will help create an atmosphere conducive for a date?

Music, of course. Choose light, unobtrusive directions. Do not include hard rock, rap and other aggressive tunes. Remember, the music should not be too loud, relaxing. Most importantly, you both should like her.

Do not use regular radio as musical accompaniment. Advertisements and broadcasts would be inappropriate in this case. Build a playlist ahead of time by including songs that you share fond memories of.

Think over the menu

The process of preparing food in linen should not be too complicated and time-consuming. Ordinary homemade dishes in the form of fried cutlets or dumplings will definitely not work. Your dinner should be as light as possible and the cooking process should be aesthetically pleasing. You shouldn't buy fish (only if it's not ready-made, cut steaks). Surely, few people will be delighted with a girl who takes out entrails from mackerel, even in her underwear.

Don't forget to buy fruit, wine or champagne. Strong alcohol is not worth buying. Discard it in favor of light wines. Be sure to consider the girl's tastes before buying groceries. It is very important. Both of you should like the dish.

When composing a menu for an unusual dinner, you can include dishes with aphrodisiac products. They increase attraction, which is great for your date. These include:

  • oysters;
  • red, black caviar;
  • bananas;
  • pineapples;
  • nuts;
  • asparagus;
  • ginger root;
  • figs;
  • artichokes;
  • Strawberry;
  • avocado;
  • seafood;
  • black chocolate;
  • coconut;
  • seaweed;
  • eggs, etc.

Many spices also belong to aphrodisiacs, so they should not be ignored when preparing food.

What options for meals can you cook:

  • steak with salad;
  • seafood salad;
  • red fish steak with grilled vegetables;
  • shrimp and vegetables;
  • seafood pasta;
  • baked chicken with vegetables, etc.
  • vegan dishes.

Be sure to discuss the menu with your other half in advance. What will she cook, what products and spices will be needed for this. Take charge of the purchase of all ingredients. Don't make the girl go shopping with heavy bags. This can ruin the mood for the evening.

Make sure to have napkins and supplies on the table. Put glasses, a basket of fruits in advance. And, of course, do not refuse if your soul mate invites you to take part in the cooking process. Do not be a passive viewer, she will definitely appreciate it.

Send a girl to a spa or beauty salon

If you can, arrange a little rest for the girl before starting a date. Don't insist on a “savory dinner” if she's not in the mood or comes from a tough shift. In this case, she will definitely deny you this whim. The game should be fun for both partners. If your spouse is tired, upset, or upset, asking for a bikini dinner can be a source of argument. The best time for such a game is a weekend evening. Both of you are relaxed, full of strength and energy, attuned to pleasant experiences.

If the opportunity allows, in order to tune the girl for a romantic evening, buy your soul mate a subscription to a spa or beauty salon. Send her for a massage or to the pool (you can go together). She needs to relax and enjoy herself before your date. Please her with flowers, compliment her. Remember, attitude is essential to getting your evening going the way it should.

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Take care of your appearance

No girl wants to cook in pretty underwear for a man who sits in stretched sweatpants and a faded ketchup-stained T-shirt. Take a shower, put yourself in order. Wear clean, pretty clothes, use perfume. Remember, not only should your companion look great, but you should also. And it doesn't matter at all that your evening will be at home. You don't have to wear a bow tie or a white shirt. No, but your look should be neat and attractive.

Give a girl a bikini

It will be a pleasant surprise for her, which she will definitely appreciate. Choose what you both like. You should not force a girl to wear too revealing kits if she does not like it. You can also ask her to choose an image on her own, paying her expenses. Remember, underwear will play a key role in your game. It should be as alluring and elegant as possible. Do not skimp on a gift, and your half will be happy to show it to you this evening.

A beautiful bikini will help a girl gain self-confidence, it will ignite a spark of passion in her. In the lingerie set, you can buy stockings and a silk robe, which will be playfully discarded during the preparation of dinner. Well, for connoisseurs of unusual looks, you can always add high heels to the underwear. Remember, a woman should feel as comfortable and sexy as possible. You can wrap your gift in a beautiful box and present it to her before starting a date.

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In conclusion: how to get a lady to cook in bikini?

Organizing a date in a bikini is not as difficult as it might seem. The main thing is to approach the process responsibly and take into account the details. Remember, attitude and desire are important. Create a cozy, romantic atmosphere, light candles, buy your girlfriend beautiful lingerie, help set the table and this evening will definitely never be forgotten. And it doesn't matter at all how many years you have been together - 2 years, 5 or 20 years. Cooking in your underwear will definitely revitalize your relationship and bring a new wave of passion into it.

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