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There is a new kid in the wonderful and wacky world of designer handbags. In case you have not heard, World According to Jess storms the fashion accessories industry. But do not let the amateur name fool you, this design house does not make prisoners! In a relatively short time, this company has gained immense respect and credibility in the sector. Jessica Alpert-Goldman, namesake and owner of World According to Jess, she is firmly rooted in a sector that is not always kind to foreigners.

The drawings are bold, original and cute ... a bit like Jess herself. With a catalog of impressive designs and support from his growing legion of fans, 2006 may well be Jess's year. Without a doubt, she is about to start. Her bags have already been photographed by famous fashionistas such as Beyonce Knowles, Sarah Jessica-Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lindsey Lohan.

Recently, Jess has had her remarkable creations behind the scenes of celebrities at the Oscars. This is certainly not a small feat. All major companies in all major niches want their product to be included in the Oscar gift bag. Just photographing your product with the main Hollywood stars is a guarantee of immediate success, but Jess is already well ahead of the game in this regard.

Jess contributed 250 of her favorite scholarships to the Oscars cause, and she did not look back. In his own words, "I worked hard for the world to know that World According to Jess was the only designer of bags included in the Official Oscars Gift Bag." For her efforts, she received countless praise from the press and found herself placed in some of the biggest American television programs, including The Today Show.

World According to Jess has fun, funky handbags in countless shapes and sizes. Evening bags, cosmetic bags, wallets, diaper bags, travel bags ... Jess seems to have covered all the bases. Some of my personal favorites include the smashing Arthack and the outrageous designs so hot. If these drawings are an indication of things to come, World According to Jess will look more like world domination. Ciao, honey!

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