Green Little Beans - Children's Clothing

Green Little Beans - Children's Clothing

After waking up at 2 am to feed your precious burden of joy, a name like Green Little Meanies might be more appropriate than Green Little Beans. But after taking a look at the face of your sweet angel (that's before she spits on your new sweater); you want to give him the moon and the stars.

Since you can not reign in heaven, material things (and your unconditional love of course) will have to do it. You intended to knit the entire wardrobe of your baby because handmade clothes feel better. But as every mother knows, at the end of the day you have neither the time nor the energy to whip the knitting needles. Fortunately, Green Little Beans clothes are handcrafted with such care that everyone will think you made them yourself. In addition to homemade clothes, your friends will think that you are a Super Woman.

Your baby will be so comfortable in his hand-knit cashmere sweater ($ 46) from Green Little Beanies that he will forget about the mashed carrots and peas she wanted to throw up (we can only hope, not true?).

In addition to changing diapers and cleaning partially digested baby foods, there are many fun things to do to be a parent. Like dressing up your baby. The elegant princess dress ($ 130) was made for your little princess. Featuring an empire-waist dress and a flared skirt, this chic dress is crafted from a blend of cotton microfiber, silk and viscose for women, making it wonderfully soft. A must for future fashionistas! Have a little boy? You can always pay to dress. Your little man will look adorable in this set cashmere lion ($ 176). Knitted by hand with cashmere and cotton, your baby will be ready for winter. And what about these tootsies? Baby booties ($ 17) are an essential part of all babies. Protect these little pigs from these sumptuously soft wool booties. Get one in each color!

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