Harley-Davidson Clothing and accessories for babies and kids

Harley-Davidson Clothing and accessories for babies and kids

The Harley-Davidson line of clothing for infants and children includes items ranging from newborn booties to motorcycle jackets, as well as clothing for almost any occasion. Available accessories include items such as headbands, lunch bags, wallets, backpacks and diaper bags. In addition to the licensed brand, these products are distinguished by their quality and attention to detail. Many clothes are 100% cotton or soft velvet and offer a comfortable fit. Common items of detail include embroidered or woven pieces featuring the Harley Bar and Shield logo or other Harley designs. Most newborn and infant outfits also come with a headband (for girls), a hat or a cloth cap.

The Harley-Davidson range of toys, furniture and home accessories includes items such as rockers, toy storage boxes, stools and growth boards. Nowadays, many parents are looking for unique products that break with the usual animal and floral themes in baby decor. These Harley products offer parents this alternative. Unfortunately, Harley-Davidson Crib Bedding is not available as a licensed product, although this is a common request received at our store (www.TinyTreasuresBaby.com). New products are available each season, so we keep our fingers crossed for it to appear.

These products are not just for motorcycle or Harley enthusiasts. People who may be interested in Motorsport or the Harley brand may discover the quality and style of these products. Many of our customers buy Harley gift boxes for newborn clothes as baby shower gifts for their friends who are interested in or connected to the motorcycle network.

Although the Harley-Davidson brand is becoming more and more popular, baby and kid products are not necessarily easy to find. Harley dealers tend to offer limited selection of these products, and many people do not live close enough to a dealer to make practical purchases. Those who shop at dealers know that their price tags can also act as a deterrent. Given the cost of gasoline these days and our overworked schedules, many people choose to shop online. Very few online retail stores offer the Harley licensed line. Websites specifically featuring clothing and accessories for babies and children are particularly limited. We offer a wide selection on our website www.TinyTreasuresBaby.com and we strive to offer them at very competitive and reasonable prices. Www.BikersDen.com is another site offering good selections.

The Harley-Davidson line of clothing and accessories for babies and kids is updated every season (spring / summer and fall / winter). Customers should check for new items and updates from past favorites, especially in early spring and early fall. At www.TinyTreasuresBaby.com we noticed that some items are still in high demand - the Bar and Shield newborn gift box, motorcycle and denim jackets, the Spare Parts gift box, diaper bags and booties for newborns, just to name a few. .

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