Aprons The necessary accessory!

For employees who cook in the kitchen of a restaurant or work in waiting tables in the dining room, wearing an apron is often an obligation. Although they serve to prevent grease or coffee stains from dirtying work uniform pants and shirts, aprons are also a practical accessory for the needs of customers.

For a waiter or waitress, who usually wears only one half apron that wraps around his waist, it is important that the undergarment contains several accessible pocket compartments in which the necessities can be transported. This is not only convenient for the time-pressed server, but it will also impress a loyal customer when the required item is at the operator's fingertips.

Items that should be worn by a waiter in his apron should include a control pad, two or three pens, straws and matches. If possible, additional quantities of condiments should also be allowed in the stock, such as bottles or coffee bags and cream and butter samplers. But be sure to protect the liquid products from any mess in the apron - this even happens to the best of the waiters! Sometimes, in a hurry to fill a demanding customer's cup of coffee, leaning against the counter or dining table causes a juicy explosion. It is best to keep these types of additives in a side pocket where they are safer.

Another problem that comes with server decks is the attached adjustable tabs, which are supposed to be attached to the back of the server. As people come in all shapes and sizes, tying these strings can be a parallel show in itself. Larger people may find it difficult to tie an arc where the two ends meet because of lack of material. Thinner servers may need to wrap the links about two or three times before making an arc to secure the deck. One possible solution would be for management to purchase aprons that can accommodate any shape or size, or a server that provides a more uniform appearance for their staff.

The color choices for cook's aprons in restaurants are not usually very important. The aprons of dishwashers, cooks and salad preparers are rarely seen by the public. It's probably a good thing. there is a good chance that employees working in the back carry everything from sauces to stir-fries! Choosing a shade for waitresses, waiters, hostesses and bus boy aprons is a little more unlimited and allows a creative presentation that complements the decor of the dining room or the colors of the tablecloths and furniture.

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