Fit and sizing tips for Renaissance costumes

Fit and sizing tips for Renaissance costumes

Whether attending a Renaissance or Middle Age party, a disguised Renaissance night, or a re-enactment or chivalry event of a certain period in history, it's important to buy a suit that is comfortable. Wearing Renaissance costumes is fun and exciting, but only if the costume allows you to move and breathe freely. These fit and sizing tips will help you find the perfect costume for the occasion.

Adjustment for online purchases

Many people buy Renaissance costumes or medieval clothing online, so it's important to adjust them properly. Order well before your event, if it does not suit you and you need to exchange or get changes. Also pay attention to the sizing instructions provided by the online costume retailer. The size varies from one store or brand to another. Some medieval or Renaissance costume pieces may be designed to be loosely fitted, while others may fit snugly. Look for words such as "tight or tight fit" or "generous fit" and consider the shape of your body, your height, whether you are short-haired, have long or short legs, etc. Ask a close friend or family member to help you take action so that your sizing is as accurate as possible.

How to take precise measurements

All measurements must be taken in inches. Using a tape measure, the bust area should be measured under your arms and around the widest part of your chest, arms at the sides. The size should be measured around the natural waist, with the tape measure a little loose. For the hips, measure the most complete part of the hips. For the length of the skirt, measure from the back to the waist down to the floor.

The measurements of crotch pants should be taken from the fork to the desired length of the pants (with the shoes). The measurement of the outer seam should be taken from the natural waist (under the navel) to the desired length of pants (with the shoes on). The measurement of the neck is the complete circumference at the base of the neck.

Critical Steps to Women's Renaissance Costumes

for women, the critical measures are the bust, waist, hips, waist and length of the skirt. Sizes generally range from small to 3X. For leather corsages, bust and waist measurements are required, but size measurement is the most important. The sizes of girls are generally small, medium and large and are often comparable to those of the stores.

Adjustment for Men's Renaissance Costumes

For men, critical measures are waist, chest, hips, neck and waist. The size of men generally varies from 3 to 3 times, and that of boys, in size small, medium and large, according to the size of the stores.

The Minnetonka hat measures should be taken around the circumference of the head, just above the ears, where the hat rests. Women should consider the type of wig they will wear and measure accordingly with a little space. The size of the hats is usually small, medium, large or very large.

Look for a detailed size chart when ordering online. The company must provide measurement instructions and / or customer support to ensure that your Renaissance costume and accompanying equipment are properly adjusted. You can also purchase all the necessary costume items and accessories to save on shipping costs. Proposed items may include medieval swords or other weapons, SCA armor (Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.), SCA dress, wedding wedding props, pirate costumes, medieval jewelry, games , costume designs, tights, boots or shoes.

With the right fit, you will be able to fully enjoy the Renaissance Costume Event!

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