Get the best of your 70s costume party

Get the best of your 70s costume party

Most people do not know that I regularly go to Butlins in Bognor for their "We Love the 70's" adult weekends. After talking with several staff members, they all said that the 70s costume weekends were always the same. the most fun, trouble-free weekends of all the weekends they run.

After thinking about it for a while, I've come to the conclusion that music and memories add to the atmosphere, but it's really the 70's costumes that really bring out the smiles and create a unique atmosphere. .

It's as if you were the teenager you used to be when you start dressing at night, put on your panties, your shimmering jacket, your platforms and your garland wig. Morphing in a big boy of the 70s with wrists folded back while waiting for the tribal glam rock sound to begin.

I regularly stay right there to admire all the 70s costumes that people have made or hired and people are watching, everyone seems to smile at strangers meeting for the first time in mocking each other's costumes. Nobody takes anything seriously, it's just a good time. We all want to be back in the seventies.

It's amazing how many costumes 70's there are to choose. This shows just how popular the theme of 70s disguised parties is and how some of the girls' outfits are very sexy too. You have the most obvious Abba, the Pimps, the power of flowers and glitter, but you have others if you go in a group. You have all the Scooby Doo gang available now, you can be the Marvel superhero that you always wanted to be.

Put on 70s costumes with the Pink Ladies, Star Wars Storm Troopers and Darth Vader or, if you're really reckless, opt for the Rocky Horror Show costume. So there is no limit to the 70s costume choice and I found what I think is the best 70s online fancy dress store in the UK right now, with quality outfits 70s that you can wear again and again instead of hiring one each time. Just take a look at what they have and try to keep a smile on your face.

So, if you're thinking of having a party and looking for a theme, you can not do better than choosing a seventies disguise, because once the 70s disguise is worn, they are already ready to party. Remember that to hold a 70s party, you do not have to wait for Halloween, you can organize it for your birthday, your boyfriend birthday, a special date, a professional event.

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