Let your clothes give you more confidence in you

Let your clothes give you more confidence in you

Are you someone who often feels depressed? Are you a negative thinker? Do you worry a lot? Are you often depressed? If any of these questions describe you, this article may be worth reading. I will give advice to help people feel better about themselves, how to think more positively, and what benefits that can bring.

My name is Steve Hill and I am the kind of person who always thought negatively. I was worried about most things in life and I was basically unhappy.

My life could not continue like this and I had to find a way out of this rut. I was twenty-two now and I decided that was enough. I started reading books about successful people in life and found them not only interesting but also beneficial.

One of the books I read was dedicated to golf player Tiger Woods. He is a very interesting character and a very good golf player. This explained how he always wore the colors red and black for his clothes on the last day of each tournament. The red and the black are chosen for their bright colors and that represents what will be his attitude that day. Basically, he's telling all the players he's going to go, no fear, no worries, he's just going to attack. In his opinion, if he has this attitude and plays well, he will have every chance of winning the tournament. Now he obviously can not win all the tournaments, but he seems to be winning his fair share.

I remember being very nervous about attending an interview. It was exactly the type of situation that worried me and that was stressing me. I wondered why I even attended the interview because I was doomed to failure. This is of course an example of my negative attitude.

After reading all these books, I decided that worrying would certainly not help me and that I needed a positive attitude. I decided to go buy a new suit because the couple I had was now old and tired. I will never forget to see myself in the mirror with this new costume, I looked extremely smart and I felt very proud of myself. Just wearing this new suit gave me a huge boost in confidence. I went to the interview with a feeling more positive than ever and I claimed that I was Tiger. I was just going to go and see what was going on.

The interview went well and the answers seemed to flow, my brain being relaxed. In fact, I really enjoyed the meeting and I'm happy to inform you that the position was offered two weeks later.

When I feel bad, I will now give myself new clothes. If I attend a social event that I do not really want to attend, I wear these new clothes to give me renewed confidence. I'm also going with the right attitude, do not worry anymore, do not worry anymore, I'll have fun and if I'm not having fun, I'll go home sooner.

I continue to read more and more books from different people who have succeeded. I am always looking to improve my life and I also want to succeed. Now, I worry less and stress much less than before and I am generally happy in my life.

I also practice a lot of sport and I try to play in an offensive style. The attack is supposed to be the best form of defense and it is also much more fun to play sports this way. I even became very sad, because I always try to wear red and black when I play snooker, for example.

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