Modern advice to look and feel confident in a crisis

Modern advice to look and feel confident in a crisis

To look good and to have confidence in oneself should not be a difficult task, even for women who do it all. Modern women spend their days juggling the necessities of life, which can lead to back-to-back meetings and lunches at the race. Jane Buckingham, Trend Expert, author and host of Style Network's "Guide to a Modern Girl's Life", knows that to succeed in modern life, you have to have a few tricks in your bag, especially when it's about getting dressed.

"Balancing work, family and leisure does not give the modern woman time to deal with sartorial concerns, such as choosing the right look for any occasion, avoiding embarrassing situations and taking care of beloved clothes," Buckingham said. .

Buckingham suggests these stylish and practical tips to help busy women avoid wardrobe mistakes and feel confident every day in the modern world:

Invest in a classic wardrobe

Rather than rush to the mall an hour before the appointment to find the "ideal garment", grow a collection of quality clothing in advance with some classic essential pieces that match a match.

Invest in some high-quality t-shirts, ranging from blazers to sweaters. try some bold color choices to create a neutral wardrobe mood.

Given that more than one in five women (22%) have ruined their favorite top because of unsightly white marks, Buckingham recommends protecting a quality wardrobe by using the Dove Ultimate Clear transparent deodorant / antiperspirant, which stays on the skin and not on the clothes. As proof, return your shirts to discover the beauty of the white marks attenuated.

Say I'm doing to Smart

Wedding style

Wedding attire can be a complicated affair, not just for the wedding party. If a dress code is not requested on the invitation, it is advisable to wear a light colored dress for day weddings.

When dressing for an evening wedding, opt for sophistication. Choose an elegant and thick knee-length cocktail dress with a trapeze cut.

While an attractive strapless dress is perfect for a wedding, one in five women (20%) choose not to wear sleeveless tops to avoid white marks. Apply a deodorant with translucent moisturizers that form a barrier between skin and clothing to put the mind at ease.

Distinguish yourself

In the business

Dressing to succeed in a new job can be a daunting task. The trick is to look stylish and confident without distracting. Instead of a full suit, pair a pair of suit pants with a striped button-down shirt or a classic wool drape.

Avoid flying and soft prints so you do not feel like a shrinking violet rather than a bold risk taker.

Since over half of the women (51%) were at work when they realized they had brands of deodorants on their clothes, Buckingham also suggested using Dove Ultimate Clear to ensure the trust of their interlocutors. during their conversations.

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