Gather your cosplay costume

Gather your cosplay costume

Many people find the cosplays fun. The word "cosplay" is a Japanese contraction of the term "costume game", in which participants dress and dress to look like anime, video and role-playing characters, fantasy novels and science fiction, and sometimes real action programs. . In Japan, some people who practice cosplays disguise themselves as popular artists of J-pop (Japanese pop) or J-rock (Japanese rock).

In most cartoons and comics conventions, cosplay events have been incorporated into their program to satisfy cosplayers. There is no real point for cosplay; people dress up as their favorite characters just to disguise themselves in them. When they gather for cosplay, they spend most of their time showing off their elaborate and elaborate costumes, checking the costumes worn by other participants and taking pictures. Cosplay events are fun events, even if they are crazy, outrageous and sometimes quite strange.

Decide which costume to wear for a cosplay

So, if you're going to do a cosplay and it's the first time you're attending, how do you determine the costume you're going to wear? First of all, you need to know what kind of cosplay this is going to be. Will it be a purely anime cosplay or manga (Japanese comics)? Is it a convention of fantasy or science fiction? What is the theme of the cosplay event? Knowing it in advance will certainly help you to clarify your choice of costume to wear for the event. It will also avoid the embarrassment of being totally out of place, such as attending a cosplay event as a Lord of the Rings character at a Star Trek cosplay event.

Once you have determined the theme of the cosplay event, you must then decide which character you want to play. Do you have a favorite character that you want to emulate even for this event? Choose a character and study his costume. You will certainly find on the internet pictures that will help you understand the details of this character's costume.

If the character of your choice appears in different costumes, such as the Sakura character in the Sakura anime card animator, you must choose the most identified costume with this character. The pleasure in cosplay is to be recognized immediately as such. What's the use of cosplay if no one recognizes your character because the costume you have chosen is not so popular?

Should you buy or make your costume?

Would not you be nice if you have the skills to be able to create your own costume for your cosplay event? Some people are only useful with needles and threads and can use the sewing machine without much difficulty. Making your own costumes gives you the opportunity to get all the details of your costume, and it's always good to show up for a cosplay event dressed in a costume you've worked on.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to work with needles, cloth and thread. In this case, you can go to a seamstress with a photo or sketch of the costume you have in mind and ask the seamstress to make it for you. A good fashion designer can create a satisfying set that you can wear cosily, but you can not expect him to get all the details.

Another alternative to making your own costume is to buy pieces of items that you can assemble and wear to cosplay. This is a good option if the character you are presenting is not a fantastic character with an elaborate costume. Japanese schoolgirls are very simple to cosplay. You just need a short, pleated skirt; a blazer or jacket that matches the skirt; a blouse, preferably with a wide sailor collar; a tie or bow; leggings and moccasins. The disadvantage of buying replacement parts for a suit is that it is not always possible to be as elaborate and detailed as you would have liked with your suit.

Put all together

Of course, the costume that you would put for your cosplay event is not limited to your clothes. You would also need a wig, especially if the character you are presenting has an unusual hairstyle and hair color. You may also have to put on makeup - you would not want to cut your lightning in the forehead just to make you look like Harry Potter, right?

Accessories and accessories are also in order in the cosplay events. An evening with Harry Potter would not be complete without his glasses and wand. Knights in shining armor need swords. A princess can not be a princess without her diadem.

Cosplays are fun events for people who like to go home, all dressed up and dressed for the party cosplays are often. Assembling your costume for the event is really a pleasure.

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