Renaissance costumes are rising in popularity

Renaissance costumes are rising in popularity

While many people associate costumes with children and the tradition of Halloween stuff, more and more adults rediscover the joy of dressing in period costumes. Through the influence of Faires de la Renaissance and the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), adults adopt costumes and accessories reminiscent of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century.

Historical celebrations

During the Renaissance (which literally means "renaissance"), the changing perspectives of philosophy, art, literature, science and religion had a considerable impact in Europe, the effects of which are still feel today. Today's Renaissance artists capture the essence of this era, with an abundance of music, entertainment, art and food celebrating the times in which they unfold. While many Renaissance fairs take place in England's Elizabethan era, others are inspired by the French Renaissance or 18th-century pirate themes.

Similarly, the Society for Creative Anachronism honors the Middle Ages and the Renaissance by researching and creating characters who would have lived at that time. Craftsmen, fighters, cooks and others skillfully sharpen their characters and gather - in SCA costume and sometimes with SCA armor - to celebrate with historical accuracy.

Find the right costumes

Whether you are attending a Renaissance Faire Weekend or being impregnated with the SCA culture, the appropriate costumes enrich and enrich your experience. Watching men fight with medieval swords or attending a medieval wedding simply makes more sense when your appearance melts at the time. As it is not always easy to obtain historical precision, it is useful to find a merchant who can guide you reliably to the right clothing and accessories. With the Internet, finding sources to help you in your quest has never been easier.

For example, the best online stores will help women find the right underwear (shirts, skirts, bloomers and corsets) to wear under their dresses, skirts or prom dresses. Men can find everything from vests and doublets to shirts and panties with puffed sleeves. Pirate costumes, Scottish clothing and kilts, and children's costumes are also available in online stores of the Renaissance.

Accessories are a must

When you dress for a particular era, accessories complete your look. For example, Renaissance clothing tends to have no pockets. A pocket is the perfect accessory to carry your essentials. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, hats were de rigueur; you must therefore find the appropriate cap, beret, snood, veil or hood.

Although well-choreographed battles are part of the Renaissance Faire experience and SCA events are peppered with well-trained warriors, weapons can also be a costume accessory. Accessory weapons do not have to be functional; indeed, they must only correspond to the time you recreate. Search online for sources of collectible mini-weapons, weapons carriers, props belts and swords.

Make your own

Once you start attending medieval or Renaissance events, there is a good chance you want to expand your wardrobe using the techniques of the time. The best online sources offer a wide range of costume designs ranging from Tudor and Elizabethan dresses to corsets and tunics.

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