Show your designer jeans savvy

Oh no! You have a jeans crisis and you can not decide which perfect pair to buy! Do not despair! Help is on the way.

It does not matter if you are taller, smaller, tall or average, it's hard to find the perfect jeans, so we can give you some tips too.

It's not always easy to find the right jeans. There are just too many styles to choose from. Keeping in mind some of these tips, you will find the perfect jean.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Before choosing the jeans to wear, it is imperative to choose the type of shoes you will wear. Indeed, the heel will normally determine how the jeans will fall or lie on the floor.
  • Also remember that most jeans are not pre-shrunk when you buy them. So, be sure to allow some shrinkage.
  • The low rise jeans are low on the waist and offer the perfect opportunity to show these abs!
  • Jeans cut at the waist are loose at the leg and wide at the opening of the leg.
  • Flared leg jeans are fun and fun with a wide, flared opening in the leg.
  • Washed jeans are lightweight and have a more broken appearance.
  • Distressed jeans have holes, tears or folds that make them look very worn.
  • Dark jeans are the perfect jean for a night out.
  • Not all jeans are suitable for all body types. So keep in mind your body type and jean style when choosing jeans.
  • Strong body types must choose a traditional five pocket jeans that is not too tight. Bootcut jeans will help balance your figure and make your legs look longer. And always select the jeans in a darker shade.
  • Thinner body types look great in jeans with a slight flare at the opening of the legs. Low-rise jeans and pocket jeans are also good choices.
  • Athletic types have narrow hips and athletic legs. Bootcut jeans are flattering as well as low-rise jeans.
  • Some of the latest trends in stores are True Religion and 7 for all of humanity.
  • Today's jeans are not just for the home. Designer jeans are versatile and fashionable and easily go from day to night.

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