Winter fashion

Winter fashion

Tired of winter? Who is not - except perhaps professional snowboarder Shaun Palmer and professional skier Shane McConkey.

Even people who live in the winter, such as tire salesmen, chimney sweepers and snow plow drivers, do not seem to wait until the end of freezing days. Fortunately, there is a good thing about winter weather in cold weather. It's just fun, with all the layers and bright colors, not to mention the lambskin fur boots.

At this time of year, every brilliant cover of Elle, Vogue and Mademoiselle makes me dream of looking like one of those glam girls, wrapped in a yummy sweater and plush boots. Unfortunately, every time I try to emulate one of these magazine looks, everything goes astray.

This week alone, I tried the tight look, with its big jeans pullover and thick boots. It was a winter, but it did not work for the winter. I fought with each jacket in my closet, trying to coax one to button my new oversized turtleneck. I was relieved when I finally managed to close my coat, but the relief faded as I rushed to the mirror to find that I looked pregnant about 7 months.

The whole overlay would be great - if I studied polar bears in the Arctic for the day. I was not. I was on my way to work. I stopped quickly at the cafe and as soon as I entered, I started to overheat. By the time I arrived at the counter, I could feel my sweat begin to blend with the wool of the sweater. I like the look of natural beauty, but I do not like the smell. I waited for my mocha and prepared myself madly with a menu when I glanced down to find that my new fur-lined boots had been almost ruined by the rock salt strewn on the sidewalks of the city.

After all the time I spent buying, planning and putting on my new outfit, my sparkling chandelier earrings were the only thing that survived in the early morning. They were the least expensive part of my dress and I complimented them all day. Apparently, a little flicker makes people feel good.

Like any intelligent woman, I use black in winter, despite what fashion houses scream to wear more colors. Black looks beautiful, day and night, and for a girl on the run, there is no need for much attention. The best thing about black is that it hides all types of flaws, like those caused by eating a whole pumpkin cheesecake on Thanksgiving. But the black does not just clear up; it's an excellent palette of accessories.

This year, women have a lot of jewelry choices. You can rest on the old diamond base. You can also try new exciting collections of colorful pearls and shells this winter. They look fabulous with black and can be as dressy as a diamond necklace, while offering more personality and style. You can also highlight the color of your eyes with a similar color necklace. Nothing is more beautiful than a pair of sapphire blue eyes with a matching necklace.

Rhinestones are always a holiday favorite. This season, designers are using fiberglass and fiber optic fibers. This is a new version of a jeweler's staple. Red stones can highlight the red skin and rosy cheeks of winter. And the optical fiber in the glass makes necklaces, earrings and bracelets shine. The combination creates a look that no one will forget.

And something that will always go with black, more black. Onyx is a beautiful stone that, when enhanced with silver, transforms a simple black sweater and pants into a classic cosmopolitan look. Dangly Onyx earrings are beautiful with hair pulled back. Onyx is great because it can go with almost anything. This makes the red more refined, the more discreet pink and the more exotic white.

Do not let the gray sky and the muted snow keep you from feeling beautiful. The next time you go in your closet and you're tired of having to slip your outfit under your jacket, throw a beautiful pair of earrings. Everyone will notice them, even with your jacket. And unlike this oversized sweater, you can wear it when the beautiful days of spring come back finally.

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