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Ok, so like most clothes, lingerie comes of course in plus sizes. Admittedly, the selection may not be great or sexy enough, but it's there. And of course, like most clothes, you can find lingerie at a reduced price. However, where is this stuff? The supply is not as widespread as in small sizes. I have not yet seen a Victoria's Secret store for tall people, although there is probably one somewhere.

Well, if I was looking for big size lingerie at a reduced price, there are a few places I would look for right away. First of all, Wal Mart sells lingerie in the United States and in the rest of the world. I mean, why not sell everything else. So anyway, of course they have more sizes. I think the section is even labeled as such. The selection is not that of a Victoria's Secret nor that of a Fredrick's Hollywood, but it is nevertheless the case, and it is really lingerie at large and reduced price.

Of course, I'm sure there are other stores that sell the same type of products. I must say I do not know if Lane Bryant or Fashion Bug Plus have lingerie sections, but since these are plus size stores, any lingerie they have would of course also be plus size.

Now, of course, there is always the Internet. There are online advertisements in US and international stores. There are two stores dedicated only to plus sizes, then there are those that deal for both sizes. Some of these stores are simply for lingerie and others for both lingerie and other clothing. In fact, I saw one that advertised stripper shoes, so I feel that if you're looking for something more risky, this may be the place to go. Whatever you are looking for, I'm sure it's somewhere, it's just about finding the perfect place for the shed and the large lingerie.

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