The guide of maternity clothes

 maternity clothes‌  have evolved a lot over the years. Pregnancy is also a phase where the woman can show how sexy she can be. Today, there are various clothes for business, formal wear and even lingerie especially for the pregnant woman.

Pregnany can now be likened to how elegant can you be!

A problem that would arise is how much money you are willing to spend in maternity clothes. This is because it is only worn for a short time. Everyone is not like Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes who can wear  designer clothes‌  during pregnancy and then put them away in the closet as if it were not so expensive.

On the positive side, these celebrities show us that there are really fashionable  maternity clothes‌  in which you can always be yourself. Well, this is opposed to unattractive maternity pants and tent type dresses.

Here are some solutions where you can dress like famous pregnant moms while respecting your budget.

1. Get the value of your money. Choose clothes that you can wear during pregnancy until breastfeeding. Another suggestion would be to buy clothes that would go well with your existing clothes and that would always go.

2. borrow. There is nothing wrong with borrowing  maternity clothes‌  from your sister or aunt. Here, you really save money. The problem is that you just have to let their sense of style work for you.

3. Plus the size of the rocks! Sometimes only the sizes plus the average clothes might suit you. No need to buy special maternity clothes. Often, larger sizes cost less than clothes designed for pregnant women.

4. Look through your husband's clothes. It speaks for itself.

5. Look for discounts and sales. Raid shopping malls with sales. Visit factory outlets and garden vendors to find cheap clothes.

You now know where to find  maternity clothes‌  cheaply. However, sometimes we have no choice but to buy new ones. Here is the list of steps to follow to buy maternity clothes.

1. Know your height before pregnancy and buy it. Most stores base their size on your size before your pregnancy. In this way, they can estimate the size of your project.

2. Keyword: Stretch. Buy clothes that can stretch. These clothes would be composed of 4 to 10% elastin or spandex. This would ensure that clothes expand while you do it.

3. Consider your growing belly. So check the cuts of the maternity clothes. There should be room for belly growth.

4. Buy dresses that run down to the knees or lower. This is because the hem will rise when your belly gets bigger.

5. Buy more ups than down. Mix and match the different vertices with the bottom.

6. When trying out maternity clothes, feel them as they wrap your belly and if the breasts are comfortable.

7. Buy only two to three bras because the breasts tend to get bigger after pregnancy.

8. Go crazy on one outfit. This outfit can be used on special occasions during pregnancy.

NOTE: It is recommended that solids be preferred over scratches and prints during pregnancy. Indeed, stripes and prints underline your size.

Pregnancy is not an excuse to forget about your style. Even during pregnancy, you can express yourself through your clothes. This simple guide can take you on the road to the maternity highway.

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