History And Evolution Of Socks

Socks have always been the extremely comfortable collection of wool right? Well actually no. Socks actually used to look and feel very different.

The Origin Of Socks

Socks have always been the extremely comfortable collection of wool right? Well actually no. Socks actually used to look and feel very different.

Socks were created in 8th century BC in Greece, and they were created from the leather fur of animals. Socks are actually one of the most dated pieces of clothing that humans have worn. Our feet tend to be more susceptible to colder temperatures, so as a result animal fur was used to keep the feet warm in an attempt to raise overall body temperature, and these became what we know as socks.

While socks today are used as a means to make a fashion statement, they used to be generic colors with no specific design because they were crafted straight from animal wool almost entirely for warmth. While this was comfortable and effective for the time being, socks have transformed into something even more comfortable.

Sock Evolution: From raw animal wook to knitted luxury

It took almost over 1000 years for socks to go from raw animal wool, to knitted luxury footwear items that were worn underneath shoes. For the ruling class socks were used as a sign of luxury and higher class, while the working class used socks as a means to keep debris out of their feet while they were outside.

This is when socks started to taker a direction towards being more of a stylistic choice. Solid neutral-colored socks were worn by the middle class while the ruling class generally had more dynamic patterns with vibrant colors to show off their higher status.

In 16th century London, there were methods of surveillance that were performed in an attempt to check and make sure that all of the citizens were wearing the correct pair of socks, so it is apparent that some civilizations took socks as a way to demonstrate class while others used it as a mandatory clothing item.

20th Century Socks: From luxury to wide usage

Around the 1900's socks were worn by virtually everyone. Poor, middle class, upper class, etc. Often socks with a more vibrant pattern would be worn with casual outfits to make a fashion statement, and in a more professional setting where a suit was being worn they would use solid color socks.

It's tough to say, but around the 1920's was when different pattern socks made their appearance in all forms of dress and appearance; whether casual or formal. Striped socks were the go to sock forever, but it started to change subtly with different designs such as fruits, polka dots, and many other outlandish designs.

Socks had evolved from a comfortable way to keep your feet warm to a way to show one's taste in fashion.

Modern Day Socks

Today socks have become a part of our every day wardrobe, and they're especially handy during the winter time when it is extremely cold outside. Additionally, they are something that can be added to a casual or formal outfit that will certainly act as bacon on a really solid burger.

All in all, socks have changed a lot from when they were first created in 8th century BC, and they shall continue to change as fashion trends continue to alter.

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