Different Types Of Polo Shirts

Why Wear A Polo Shirt?

The Polo shirt has without a doubt been a go-to top for men to wear in a variety of different situations. Although it has been worn for a long time by men all over the world, it has not gone out of style and I highly doubt the idea that it will ever stop being worn by so many men.

The biggest reason that so many pick this shirt to wear is the versatility. There are so many different types of polo shirts that you can wear such as the long sleeve, short sleeve, pique, and sport polos.

Long Sleeve Polos

This is a great choice of shirt that can be worn in the cold. If you're going to a business meeting and it's cold out, and you don't want to go completely dapper and complex, throw on some dress pants and a long sleeve polo and tuck that sucker in!

Just like that you have yourself a style that is simple, and not completely casual that will make you feel and look great for your meeting! Also this can be worn in a completely casual setting if you don't feel like going out, long sleeve shirts are very comfortable for lounging as well.

Short Sleeve Polos

This is the most traditional form of polo. Just like the long sleeve this can be used to find a happy medium between casual and professional. If you tuck this shirt in it will look very presentable and will command respect from your peers.

This shirt is by far the most accessible of all of the different type of polo shirts, and it is very affordable for the average man who is trying to add some value to his personal style. Lastly, this is another great option for a casual night out or at the house.

Pique Polos

Pique polo shirts come in short sleeve and long sleeve, but this polo in particular is different from the casual polo. This one has a collar that is bowed out slightly and is made with higher quality fabric.

This is more formal than a regular polo, and is a great idea for wearing to a job interview, a business meeting, and any other special occasion. I would not recommend wearing this casually because if you're being active it could tamper with the integrity of the fabric.

Sports Polos

Last but not least, there are sports polos. These come mostly as short sleeve polos, however, they are made with more durable fabric that can stretch and support upper body range of motion such as a golf swing.

Golf is by far the most popular sport where you will see the athletes wearing a polo, but in other cases you may see coaches wearing a polo with the team's logo. You may even see them being worn by players when they are being interviewed.

It acts as a more professional way to represent their team as they speak with journalists.

Which Polo Is For You?

The only way to find out which polo fits your lifestyle the best is to go and try a few on. So get your butt out there and find yourself an amazing polo shirt!

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