Should you wear a necktie or a bowtie?

Probably you already know the difference between necktie and bowtie. A bowtie's in the shape of a bow, and the necktie it's long.

Difference between necktie and bowtie

Probably you already know the difference between necktie and bowtie. A bowtie's in the shape of a bow, and the necktie it's long.

But let's see which one you should wear, depending on the occasion.

Which one is easier?

First of all, you should know that, if we speak about the ease of use, the bowtie it's the clear winner. If you tried before to tie a necktie you might encounter some level of difficulty.

However, if you tried this a couple of times, know may have become second nature and this is great. If not, you should continue to try, because you will need to wear neckties from time to time.

Which one for a events?

If you attend an event that requires you to wear a tuxedo, then you must choose the bowtie. Tuxedos look best when they are completed by a bowtie.

It will create a sophisticated, elegant vision of the whole outfit.

When to wear a necktie?

The benefits of wearing a necktie however exist. They will help you get a slimming effect, it will make you look taller and slimmer, due to their long design.

This is the main reason you may want to wear a necktie along with a suit.

Which is more formal?

If you are preoccupied with the formality, bowties are more formal than neckties. This is why they are usually worn with tuxedos.

They are no strict rules about this, you can also wear a necktie with a tuxedo, but they are preferred due to their highly formal appearance.

If you attend a formal event, you should choose a bowtie. It's a classic choice that will guarantee your success.

Neckties are slightly less formal and they shouldn't be worn on a black-tie attire. You can wear a necktie to less formal events or for business attire.

When you choose the bowtie or necktie you should pay attention to their size. Also, you have to choose a color that matches the rest of the outfit.

How and when to wear them?

If you wear them with suits, the preferred colors are brown, black or grey and if you wear them with shirts, it's better to choose blue or white. If you are comfortable wearing patterns, you can choose a design that includes polka dots, paisley, stripes. This is possible when the suit it's in one color, you don't want to mix too many prints.

If you are wearing a double-breasted or a single button blazer, you should wear a bowtie. If you wear a two buttons blazer, you should choose a necktie, unless it's a formal event that requires a bow tie.

If you are attending a wedding, you can choose from each one of them. It's a more popular choice nowadays to wear a bowtie to a wedding, but if you want to wear a necktie it's not wrong, it's a traditional choice. It's become a popular choice for the groomsmen to wear a traditional necktie and the groom to wear bowties to stand out from the rest.

If the party you will attend clearly specifies formal or black tie, the bow tie it's the acceptable choice, worn with a tuxedo.

So what to choose: necktie or bowtie

This is a difficult choice, but we tried to explain to you which option would be appropriate and when. You should remember that a tie is considered a more classic element of the image, while a bow tie can add shock to you. Much depends on the basis of the image, if a tie is more suitable for a classic business suit, then if you decide to wear a tuxedo, bet on the original bow tie!

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