How to choose the best business laptop bag?

A laptop bag is probably the more common accessory you will see associated with a business professional on the road.

Laptop bag, what really matters?

A laptop bag is probably the more common accessory you will see associated with a business professional on the road.

This accessory allows you to carry all your useful work tools and so much more, whether you commute in a crowded bus or in a luxury car.

Choosing a laptop bag that fully suits your needs is very important, as you will spend a lot of time using it, and you really don't want to regret your choice, down the road.

So, here's the factors that you should take into consideration before you buy.

1 Form factor

A backpack-style laptop bag it's a common choice for many professionals and this kind of bag has some advantages over the traditional briefcase or messenger type.

The main advantage, beside looking sportier, is that it allows you to carry the bag for extended periods of time without getting tired. With a backpack you can have an active lifestyle, without worrying about the bag falling down and about damaging your laptop.

It also allows the weight to be equally distributed on your back, which is good for your posture, as long as you use both straps to carry it.

A briefcase style is usually a more elegant choice, albeit many high-end manufacturers, like Piquadro or Montblanc, started offering backpack style bags.

Consider that the easier access that a briefcase bag offers may come handy if you also carry with you something that you may want to grab on the fly, like a tablet or a notepad.

2 Size

It's obviously important that your bag would be able to fit your laptop, but you should also ask yourself what else you need to carry with it.

You can start from a very thin laptop sleeve and end with huge bags capable to carry half of your belongings. Avoid bags that are so small that you'll need to carry another bag, but a bag that's too big for your needs would be equally uncomfortable.

I would suggest, in order to choose a versatile size, something where you'd be able to fit your laptop, a tablet, cables and chargers, some pocket money, some letter sized documents and a good book. If you plan to carry a lot of small items, try to find a bag that has a lot of pockets: they will allow you to organise everything and quickly find what you need.

If you travel a lot or if you're the kind of guy who often forgets to charge the phone, take a look at those bags that have built-in power banks, which may be a life-saver on long commutes.

3 Protection

Bags tend to be bumped a lot, so don't forget that you're going to need some protection, for your laptop.

It would be easy to suggest to buy as much protection as you can afford, but going to such an extreme may not the best choice.

Consider your lifestyle and your habits: are you a white collar that only needs to carry the laptop from the office to your car or are you an active man who just throws the bag to the ground when arrives home? The need for protection will vary accordingly.

Laptop bags on the market offer everything ranging to virtually no protection to military-graded hard cases. Chances are that the first kind will be lighter and more elegant and the second kind will be way more durable. It's up to your needs to choose the best option.

Selecting best laptop bags for business travel

The market offers an almost infinite variety of different bags and it may seem difficult to find the one that better suit your needs.

But, if you'll spend the right time thinking about how your ideal bag has to be, you're sure to find something that matches your expectations and that you will appreciate for a long, long time.

And we will help you choose the best business travel laptop bag. After reading the article, you will be able to competently choose what you need.

Look at the key important factors:

  • 1. Form factor
  • 2. Size
  • 3. Protection

If all these indicators are taken into account, then the dream bag will be in your hands!

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